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  • Yes, Eye AF is overrated. Sony is only good for those with no real lens needs (portrait / landscape shooters). No one who has serious sports/wildlife needs shoots Sony. No one.

    "Small, thin...

  • Actually, the conclusion is false. They rate the lens availability as equal, which is a joke. Sony only has a bare-bones lens profile, and nothing that can come close to matching Nikkor's...

  • Sad only for those who can't afford it.

  • Disagree. Looks like Nikon is controlling things by dumping business in wildcard, non-profitable areas of the world, and dumping low-end gear, and concentrating on the best they have ... in the...

  • Speaking of dumb, and schooling, pal, try to match your subject-verb agreement ("deprived myself of that options?").

    FYI, I just came back from Zion National Park, and shot over 1000 landscape ...

  • Which is the only value that matters. No landscape shooter is going to shoot at ISO 100 ... every single one is going to be shooting @ ISO 64 ... unless they bought Sony and deprived themselves of...

  • Sorry, this whole sequence is stupid.
    99% of 7 year old cameras could take the same shots as are presented here.
    The idea is to present INCREDIBLE images that ONLY the D850 can take (that 99% of...

  • What an ordinary set of snapshots, indistinguishable from cell phone shots. Fire every photographer who took them. My grandma could take better photos and she's dead. It's like a Canon PR person...

  • Commented on article Nikon D850 Review

    @ armandino. You're delusional. The A7rII couldn't even beat the D810 on the most important point: base ISO. A7rII AF sucks. It's a stiff, limited offering. Only 1 point better on DxO. Yet it...

  • Commented on article Nikon D850 Review

    @ Rishi. I understand what you're saying, but it still doesn't make sense.

    The Sony A7rII was just barely better than the D810 (and still wasn't/isn't at base ISO). It was/is nowhere near a...

  • Commented on article Nikon D850 Review

    Best DSLR on the market ... best possible image quality ... better than the Sony A7rII ... better AF & speed too ... but only gets an 89 compared to the Sony's 90?

    Lame, illogical scoring ... an...

  • I would never buy a single Sigma Art lens ... I either shoot Nikon or Zeiss.

  • Mmm, conventionally, medium-format cameras aren't called DSLRs. They're called medium-format cameras. Same as larger-format cameras aren't called "DSLRs" either.

    The DSLR moniker is reserved for...

  • In a word, yes, but as a medium format, not 35mm.

    At 51.4mpx (and $2,300 more), with a crippling/limited lens profile in comparison to what the Nikon D850 has available, the Pentax is the discard...

  • RIF (Reading is fundamental). The first **DSLR** to reach 100.

  • Blue Bomb, you realize that the D850 is a thousand times more useful than the clunky, stiff A7rII, right?

    And, Left Eye, the lenses I use are far superior to the 85 f/1.8 (Zeiss 135 Apo Sonnar T...

  • Of course the D5 is going to be better at high-movement AF ... that's its specialty.

    In the same fashion, the D850 destroys the D5 in single-image quality.

  • If you put the D850 at ISO 64, it crushes everything else available on the planet.
    Including the D810 at ISO 64, the Sony A7rII at 100, and it demolishes the Canon 5DSr.

  • After reviewing some of your claims, some of what has been said is incorrect. Your DIY high-mag macro is not as light as possible.

    Adding up the weight, the Meike MK-C-UP Macro Extension Tube...

  • Just lousy.

    Maybe you can have someone who knows how to take interesting, capable, technical shots ... instead of letting your girlfriend run around with the camera for a half-hour.


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