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ogl: List of changes
Wireless connectivity
Wireless flash support
Raw file burst depth
White Balance
Autofocus during movie capture
Exposure compensation during movie capture
Creative effects during movie capture
Top shutter speed wide-open
More effects modes
Interval Composite shooting
In-camera raw processing
Better image review for raw files
Playback startup
Pixel mapping
Improved battery life: The Ricoh GR II's battery life is CIPA-rated to 320 shots on a charge, up from 290 shots from its predecessor with the same DB-65 lithium-ion battery pack. That's about a 10% improvement, though we suspect that's without Wi-Fi enabled.

"Fuji would just release a firmware update (or two, or three...), and wouldn't bother with re-badging the camera."

It's a matter of different business models.
Software development is not for free, it costs.
And some cameras are traded at a price which is including a certain number of prepaid firmware updates...

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which losses are you talking about ?

Fiscal year ending 31/3/ 2014 figures are even better, net income YTD 12/2013 up by 16%

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pdelux: Nikon trying to recoup losses on compacts, turns to litigation...

which losses are you referring to?

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Disruptive technology not recognised..whoops

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This is real disruptive technology applied to photography!
Fujifilm is on the way to replicate the response tipically given by a film or a photographic paper, with their differently sized silver halide crystals.

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JT_FD: Clearly pitched against the OMD, then. Just hope they've sorted out focus. I love my X-Pro 1s, but focus in even middling light is weak and AF of moving targets is not worth trying. So still using the big DSLR for sports and concerts.

The X-T1 will share (rumors say) the same 16MP X-Trans II sensor as the X100S and X-E2, both claiming a focusing time reduction to one third when compared with the X100 and X-E1. This shall possibly fix your issue.

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I woud like to suggest everybody had a look to Clayton Christensen best seller "The Innovator's Dilemma" before to comment on Sony strategy.
Same is valid also for having a different (wider) point of view about Nikon and Canon sustaining innovation approach.

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Sergey Borachev: It is interesting to see how Sony changes directions often and running in various directions like a headless chook, from DSLR to SLT, NEX, A, fixed lens cameras, ... and in various formats APS-C, 1-inch and FF mirrorless but not really advancing at all its bleeding camera business in spite of all such brave efforts and its vast resources and engineering know-how, its great sensors and electronics, the access to variuos technology/support (Minolta, Zeiss, Tamron, Olympus), and in spite of advantages like manufacturing capability, and outlets, when compared to other smaller camera makers.

I woud like to suggest everybody had a look to Clayton Christensen best seller "The Innovator's Dilemma" before to comment on Sony strategy..

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Eleson: Many here scream about the cost. but no one have to buy, do they?
It'll be interesting however, to see if bug fix firmwares will be made available to both the original and the upgraded C100's.

Good point.
My opinion is that they should make available both the bugfix softwares, as the upgrade appears not to create an EOL (End Of Life) for the original firmware, being not mandatory.

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Unlock a function already existing is not, in my opinion, the right way to read the Canon market approach in this specific case.

It's a matter of key functionality upgrade, not minor upgrades.

You can do something new, really valuable, otherwise not available. And this, for me, it's something to be paid for.

Products evolution is strictly depending on software development, on which companies like Canon invest not marginally. And for major roadmap steps, like this, we ought to be ready to pay.

Option B, a new camcorder for "just" $ 5.500 ..

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Dear DPR,
you have built your reputation on solid facts, since the very beginning, becoming THE reference in digital photography.
I think that, along with the well-deserved honour, you should also feel the responsibility to keep yourselves away from this useless stuff.

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Dear Nikon,
nearer, but not enough, yet.
I'm still waiting for a high quality / DX / mirrorless / interchangeable lenses / magnesium alloy body: "The" streetphotografers' perfect body.

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A not-so-compact Nikon mirroless for DX lenses.
Something like a Fuji X-Pro1, but fully compliant with the whole Nikon system I have.

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Dean, I can just say GREAT JOB!
You have been able to capture the essence of Vietnam, your work is simply astonishing.
In this case, less is really more!

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Sony Corp. closed 2011 with losses for more than $5bn.
Olympus Corp. closed 2011 with losses for around $650m.
Which one is the real troubled?

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thank you, guys, great job!

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