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On article Leica M11 initial review (758 comments in total)
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pdelux: Personally I have no idea why anyone still wants to use a rangefinder-- but to each their own.

I would rather adapt those lovely leica lenses onto a more practical camera

With range finder You shot with both eyes open and you have completely known of entite visual field. It is essential for street photo…. And usually Leica shot are in hyperfocal mode…… the only real problem is his cost

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Kjeld Olesen: Quite nice, but I would have prioritized R&D resources for an update to the EF 50/1.4 :-)

I agree 100%

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Whu is She so sad?

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Marty4650: An interesting device. Essentially.... an Olympus Air that has a Canon EOS mount. In both cases, the smartphone is used to control the camera and store the images taken.

It is more likely a Canon EOS mount was chosen so Yongnuo could market this to Canon lens owners, rather than because they Yongbuo makes a few Canon mount lenses themselves. This means the device could appeal to 50% of all ILC users rather than just the 6% who own M4/3 lenses.

Excuse me...let me understand! I use Canon EF lens with a little 1" sensor, but with more size and less ergonomics ....at least but not last I have less storage. Very nice!

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On article Lensbaby Burnside 35: sample gallery and impressions (65 comments in total)

I have the composer and the lensbaby 3g and I enjoy a lot shoting with. Yes You can in post pp get something similar, but when you have the lensbaby attached You are forced to get something difference and You shoot different.
I know it is strange to comprend, but you get home different shoots and sometimes special ones.
For the price .....I agree they are tooo expensive , but I bought 2 old copies in Bay for 40€ each one.....

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On article Panasonic Lumix DC-GH5S Review (611 comments in total)
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Life recorder: Wow. think of this.

You need a super low light video camera to shoot at a good distance.
You could get an A7SII with the Sony 70-200mm F/2.8 zoom which is going to be awkward and expensive.
OR you could get the Panasonic 35-100mm F/2.8 which is small and portable. Oh it costs less than 1/2 the price too.
It appears that at many ISO, the Panasonic would be as good or better!

From photos comparison I see a huge difference in image quality especially in coulors and deep of field ...no match. If You do not need super fast AF I think will be better a used Canon FF and a good lens.

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On article Panasonic Lumix DC-G9 Review (1033 comments in total)

Very good result considering 3200 ISO and obviously 1/1000 shutter speed....I have old m43 and my Af is not comparable....But... the bokeh is absolutely 1000 years far from aps-c or ff. The shot seems more phone like than pro ones. A 1ds mkiii with a bright lens gives better results

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My ipad II now is unuseful...and this appens after a firmware upgrade...My battery life is ok and Appl cannot know how many times Iuse MY device! Why I now dismiss my Ipad considering the impossibility of battery change...It is melted (glue sealed)

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Leica is NOT photographic market. It is like luxury brand ...see Rolex. ...The Leica growth is the result of a progressive general Impoverishment and a even more Enrichment of a ristrected number of people that spend 20.000€ to Flaunt an exclusive camera. A real photographer buy other ...himo

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AlanG: You might be able to focus this fairly consistently on an A7 camera. Pretty challenging with a rangefinder. Calibration must be dead on and subject must be centered. It could be a special look when you do get it right.

Some Leica shooters seem to love minimal depth of field. I usually prefer maximum depth of field and bringing all elements of a scene together. Many of the "famous" Leica photos have everything in focus... something that was hard to do handheld with larger cameras.

Since depth of focus refers to a region behind the lens in front of and behind the sensor, shouldn't it say "hair thin depth of field?"

They do go hand in hand but photographers are usually concerned with depth of field in the image.

I agree ..thake a sharp portrait photo with a full frame and 75mm f1.25 is only a question of luck! Usually Leica shothers prefer use iperfocal with all in focus

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On article Leica CL: first sample images (39 comments in total)

A tiny Pancake lens= tiny little quality photo.....27mm do not help!

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On article Panasonic Lumix G9 sample gallery (141 comments in total)
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Boss of Sony: Purple skin tones, as usual. WTH Panasonic!

Super agree! I hown 5 M4/3 the less worse for portrait is my old pana gf3 (12Mp old ccd) the newer are really bad for colours....Olympus m43 are ugly too....all people seems red ufo!
Photoes are colours... Canon and Nikon are in another planet...imho

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sirhawkeye64: iPhone (or Apple devices in general) were never easy to repair. I remember having to replace an SSD in a Macbook recently. Not difficult, but you do have to cut through some of their security tape and remove some things to get to the SSD. I can understand why they do this (it forces you to go back to them or an authorized repair shop).

I repair phones for hobby...I confirm Apple devices to be more simply to repair instead of general android phones (Samsung included) . The last ones have no screws and more glue to remove with clear more difficult for reassemble.

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Julio Sánchez: I think that there are a quality loss. Anybody agree?

Yes I see too.
But the gain in usability and flidity compensate the loss

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Ibought a Canon ef 40mm STM ....but for 120$.....50? Where?

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On article iPhone X: What you need to know (410 comments in total)
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ttran88: apple makes excellent products with excellent after sales service. If your iPhone craps on you just walk into any Apple Store around the world and have it fixed on the spot. Many times if it's still under warranty they would just give you a brand new phone. No android vendor will or is able to provide the same top shelf service.

No Istarted for gaming open and repair phones 3 yars ago...Apple are perfectly reparable look at fixit site...Android phones are completely glue assembled apart for battery....Anyway battery and screen are really simply to replace in last iPhone from (5 until now)

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On photo Vespa in Piazza Venezia in the Motor Scooters challenge (2 comments in total)

Good work! And good hand!

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On article Canon unveils stabilized EF 85mm F1.4L lens (515 comments in total)
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Edgar_in_Indy: Wait, I'm confused. I've been told many times by Canon-faithful that stabilization is not needed for larger-aperture lenses such as 35mm, 50mm, and 85mm 1.4 lenses. If you needed stabilization for those lenses, then you were obviously not doing it right.

That is one of the main reasons that the lack of IBIS on Canon bodies was supposedly no big deal.

I've the 85 1.8 and the 28-135 ums IS that use with my 5D...at 85 IS is very useful for micro shake, with 28-136 I shot at 1/20 and with 85 f1.8 at 1/100 for the same perfect result...so I must use ISO 1600 insted of ISO 400. With this one I can use ISO 400 as well at 1/20 .....

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Funny and original! Why not? Is it a marriage, so it's a nice day ...or not?:-)

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M Chambers: Carrying around this kit makes a lot more sense they just buying a real camera.

You are right!
I tried chinese cheep lens for my iPhone and for macro shot I had real fun with...I would like to know how much better are OLLO lens... for sure are a lot more expensive than 4$ ....

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