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Ho hum... these are minor improvements. I suspect that most "device zombies" will be seduced by the greater megapixel claims of other brands, while "Apple Zealots" will mostly stick by that brand. While the iPhone is OK to take quick snaps that are fine in bright light and for small prints, I use a DSLR when better image quality is required.

Kudos to Apple though, for continuing to evolve the iPhone and companion software, while bringing prices down.

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On article French student creates SLR using 3D printer (156 comments in total)

What I'd like to see is a 3D printer with the ability to input a holographic image, and create a tangible output. Then every home and museum could have inexpensive copies of the finest sculpture from throughout history.

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I thought the saying, "The man who dies with the most toys, wins" was true. :-D

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MediaDigitalVideo: When does the Lantern Light go on @ Canon ?

Betcha the engineers knew, but marketing squashed it.

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marcio_napoli: All I have to say is this:

If they start pulling RAW video out of this thing, that's it. Game over, man, game over.

Period. You'll see this class of cameras take over the video world like a plague, and also very quickly the cinema world will follow.

Ask yourself the following question: what's the core difference between Canikon DSLR video, and the likes of RED or Alexa ?

Well, the proper cinema cameras output RAW, while the average Joe's DSLR don't.

In fact, the average Joe's DSLR may have an even better sensor than the cinema camera, but is crippled with lousy quality codec that ruins all the magic.

What happens if you level the game, with both outputting RAW?

That's it, game over, man. A new video / cinema revolution is coming.

I would agree with you if they could get the higher-end DSLRs to accurately and silently AF in video mode.

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When will this capability come out for the 1D-X?

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This has got to be nipped in the bud. Next step will be a lock that prevents the camera from taking photos wherever a government or commercial entity doesn't want you to take pictures.

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RHWeiner: Does this judge not know how to search on the Internet for similar images? As RBFresno has pointed out there are other duplications...and I dare say that these may even predate the images in this case!

With the Tsunami of digital cameras and digital images over the past number of years this kind of situation is BOUND to happen again and again. If the 2nd photographer had taken the 1st one's image and then called it his own I can see the need for this case. In this instance I think it was a matter of this was the ONLY view available. Go a bit more to the left and you get run over, go to the right and you're in the water. Go across the street and it's unlikely you'd get this shot.

As a member of a particular camera club for many years I saw hundreds of images of the Paloose area in the state of Washington, US. Invariably they looked alike as there was really only one vantage point to do the photos...ergo, nearly identical images.

If this ruling becomes a precedent, no photographer can be inspired by another photographer's work and do anything similar, or apply the same techniques. No more use of ND grads, for example. And the old novel formula of "boy meets girl, boy loses girl, boy gets girl" would be considered copyright infringement. Bad law by a busybody judge.

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On article In with the new: dpreview forums expanded (92 comments in total)

Nice job.

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On photo Fly in the Iridescence challenge (4 comments in total)

As nice as can be. Colors, focus, composition. - all 100%

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