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"Estate": people only connected to an artist in (company) name and shamelessly abusing broken copyright law to sleaze profits off work they had no hand in creating.

Those entities should be first against the wall when copyright law falls.

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Here's the only thing you'll need to know about storing and transporting any consumer device battery:

*** Batteries are the same as humans. ***

Seriously, it's that simple. If you feel alright, your battery will too. If you're hot or cold or dying of decompression, so is your battery. If you are drowning, so is your battery. Your battery likes being punctured just as much as you. A battery doesn't like to be empty or full, just like you don't like to be hungry or stuffed.

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On article SLIK introduces SLIK LITE tripod line (35 comments in total)
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tassienick: "All models feature a detachable LED flashlight in the bottom of the center column which should make it easier to find and setup your equipment in the dark."

Solution in need of a problem?

Considering that strapping the gear bag to the bottom of the column is a fairly decent way to weigh things down, having a light there isn't even the worst idea. Having a red light would be even better.

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It looks the same as the legs Benro, Sirui, and many others are peddling with minor variations.

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On article Hands on with the Hasselblad H6D 50c/100c (267 comments in total)

I hope they put some work into the overall feel of the device over the H5D, which feels somehow very cheap and "plasticky", creaking at the numerous burred seams all over the body. Just from picking one up, I did not feel confident that it would survive in a work environment.

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Txoni: Why do they always forget that, in long trips one also needs to carry food, liquids, and clothes together with your gear? I wonder if one can swallow batteries when starving. So far I only see few solutions like the Lowepro PhotoSport 30L, or its recent and more expensive copycat, the Manfrotto offroad hiker 30L

With the modular camera equipment inserts ("ICUs"), the f-stop products seem to be the best in that regard, since they allow you to balance your survival and tech requirements simply by stuffing a bigger or smaller insert into the same bag. Compared to the fixed setups from other manufacturers, I'd call it "best in class".

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On article Blackmagic Production Camera 4K available now for $3000 (111 comments in total)
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ET2: Remember last year in NAB they claimed they were going to "ship it" in July of 2013?

7 months delay.

Black Magic has been turned into a joke of company.

Yeah, because delays are unheard of in the industry. It's a shame!

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On article Ten items you should have in your camera bag (288 comments in total)
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thecameraeye: Add in a Lenspen and some form of remote flash trigger. I love my optical slave.

Yes, by all means, carry a Lenspen. It's still one of the most useful pieces of cleaning equipment.

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On article Nikon AW1 First Impressions Review (591 comments in total)

With a 15m rating I wouldn't take that thing into a puddle, let alone doing anything that could be considered "underwater". If you manage to drown it in a swimming pool, service will probably laugh you out too.

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qwertyasdf: I don't own this camera, but if this camera is "ULTRA-CHIC ANSWER FOR CAPTURING AMAZING IMAGES"
Then there must be no words in my dictionary that can describe the pictures the D800E takes. (Or even the Panasonic LX3 for that matter)

@bizi "How much money we can extract from the rich idiot demography?", asked by every CEO ever.

At least it doesn't seem to be an Android failure like that last attempt at a not-a-phone-cameraphone.

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dennishancock: Timely article and greatly appreciated!

One further question: what would be a recommended color temperature setting?

Thank you.

For outdoors, I keep the camera on its built-in daylight WB setting. That produces an initial colour rendition that I find easy to work with. If you find anything off, you can easily fix it in post and apply the setting to the entire filmstrip. IMO it produces a fairly "neutral" starting point.

As long as you shoot in raw, it doesn't matter though since you can just equalise the entire shoot in just a few steps, and with night shots it matters even less. I just found working from a daylight setting beneficial for my tastes, and it also captures changes in ambient light rather nicely.

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On article 500px redesigns online photo portfolios (42 comments in total)
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pixelized: I joined 500px in Nov 2011. I was impressed with the quality of the work then and found good photographers to follow. What I have not seen mentioned in this forum is one of the main reasons many that I followed left the site - the dislike button. It is abused and manipulated in vindictive fashion. I don't know the original intent for it, but it has ruined the experience for many and taken the quality on the site down.

As has been mentioned, a downside to 500px is that it is a numbers game, a vote for a vote. The copy and paste comments practice has elevated some awful snapshots to insane amounts of votes while great work goes unnoticed. True dialog is rare and that is a shame.

The member fees. I am still on a free account for two reasons. The owners do not listen to members opinions and I don't see real value for the fees. The sales model they created is silly. Does anyone want to sell their file for $3? Do many people want to buy $300 canvas prints?

"Dislike" buttons are hard. Stackexchange did theirs in a way that actually consumes user "score", so if you vote something down you actually pay for it. Same goes for upvotes, but much less so.

If love or hate are unlimited resources, they will always be abused.

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On article 500px redesigns online photo portfolios (42 comments in total)
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Benarm: I love 500px. Very professionally designed, clean interface, beautiful look, and most importantly the photo sharing is focused on quality rather than quantity (I'm looking at you, Flickr!).

Have you ever gone through the "fresh" stream? There's little focus on quality really. It's as much a deluge of mediocrity, just as every other place out there.

Sure, the streams get better on the way up (with more votes), and the editorial picks tend to be great, but that's not so much of a site feature.

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On article 500px redesigns online photo portfolios (42 comments in total)

I'm pretty much returning to Flickr after having used 500px for a short time. 500px appears to be a rather gimmicky site without a real "killer feature" or a pleasant userbase. Most comments I got were essentially cries for attention ("I'm so lonely and I want more people to click my images, I upvoted your so please upvote mine!"), the fixed resolution is very limited by today's standards, metadata is frequently parsed wrong…

Maybe I'm getting too old to see the appeal of those pseudo-social sites, but all in all I'm not really a fan of the experience there.

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Just don't buy poaching scopes then.

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On article Nikon announces advanced WR-1 radio remote control (25 comments in total)
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cd cooker: Is it something that a built in WiFi connectivity couldn't accomplish? This is a very expensive accessory.

@mgblack, in the picture it's using the wire remote port on the camera, in this case a pretty stupid connection that can't do more than provide a two-stage trigger.

The USB port is behind the topmost flap.

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The A-Team: Nice features. Same old clunky body and ergonomics. No thanks.

I'm missing a contoured thumb-rest, which the optional battery grip actually has, and which would help a lot, especially with heavier lenses.

Apart from that, the more clunky Nikon style generally fits my (rather slim and "girly" but long-fingered) hands better than what Canon does.

I hear Hasselblads have good handling.

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