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On article Film vs Digital: Fashion photography shootout (309 comments in total)

Photos by film are quite different from the photos by digital cameras. Although the quality of the photos from Canon camera and lenses are excellent, I still prefer the photos from film. Film gives me a very comfort feeling that I cannot get from any digital camera.
BTW, would the photos be better if he used a 500 C/M instead of the Pentax?

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dwill23: canon dominates, yet lacks innovation.

Exactly the problem with socialistic/communist governments. They control everything, thus no competition (monopoly) thus no innovation. Russia? Nazi Germany? Venezuela?

Why innovate when no one can touch you?

I'm glad we are still in a capitalist country where companies are being pushed to lower prices and innovate at the same time. Want to disagree and point to the $1000 iPhone X? Again, near monopoly. If Android phones become more popular, Apple prices fall while they push innovation to try to make up lost ground. Only possible in a capitalist economy.

I own canon, i want them to lose market share so they will focus on innovating. If they keep their 60% market share they will NEVER innovate! Why would they waste money to go after the crumbs? Other's need to step up.

He doesn't know what are business and economics! Go back to school may help.

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janbanan: Canon is no1 in this award but in Dpreview and many others Nikon d850 and Sony a7riii are no1. Canon lost the sensor race for a long time ago. They releasing old hardware 6dmkii. Mcdonlands are no1 I’m selling burgers but are they best?

McDonald is making money. Companies not making money will die.

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Gavin Wade: Wow. Despite Canon falling behind in technology recently they still hold the number 1 spot (IMO because of there excellent marketing division). Sony and Nikon still have a ways to go...

No company can sell well without an excellent sales and marketing team. Good financial results also attract investors and making them stronger and stronger.
Nikon and Sony should learn more from Canon.

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Kharan: All of this means very little in the grand scheme of things. First of all, BCN only counts about 2/3rds of all the shops... in Japan. It's interesting data because they are actual sales to customers, and not shipments from manufacturers like CIPA reports, but still, it doesn't account for even 10% of all camera sales worldwide.
Second, your headline is wrong. Canon had already become nº2 in mirrorless in 2017. They gained only a tiny bit of market share, while Sony and Olympus grew more (at the expense of whom, that's what I'd love to know).
Third, sure, Canon still owns over 60% of the DSLR pie, but think about it in this way - that pie was made of 15 million cameras in 2012, and now it contains less than 8 million. Not so impressive anymore, eh?
Fourth, this says nothing about the *value* of said sales, only the number of items sold. It's much better to sell one A7RM3 than two EOS M5 or five E-PL8 in terms of margins!

Most buyers would not care about "electronic shutter that's only a stop behind a mechanical one".
This kind of meaningless innovation cannot help a company to increase their revenue and to complete with the key players in the market. The weakness of Sony's management was falling on this trap.
Sony's management should put more efforts on sales and marketing, building brand awareness and strengthen product design and reliability.

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GiovanniB: I guess the figures for mirrorless system cameras would be VERY different in value instead of in units. Canon EOS-M offerings mostly address casual users, while Sony makes most of their business with higher-valued cameras for the professional and semi-professional markets. Canon has nothing to come even close in price per unit and imaging performance to the Alpha 7 series.

Profitability is always more important than sales value.

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That's telling us product innovation is not that important in gaining market share. Brand awareness, product reliability and scalability are more important.

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ok, cheap lens on a cheap cine camera.
You should try it on the expensive cine cameras like SXT or DXL.

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Why Toi: This is so hilarious! What effectively the US Congress has disclosed is that the NSA has for years tapped into everyone’s networks whilst Cisco powered the Internet. Ironically there’s no law that prevents US govt agencies and related entities from spying outside the US. Now the US does not like having the table turned on itself. Hypocrites!

Hypocrites? No! It is just a game that the strong rules the weak.

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Not a big deal. Then... buy the more reliable, more advanced and higher quality phones, like Samsung, Apple and Sony...
Leica, be careful to select your partner in the future!

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On article Kodak shows off Super 8 camera in first sample reel (187 comments in total)

I still have my old Beaulieu 4008ZM4 and Nikon R10 but without using them since the introduction of Super-VHS.
Beaulieu 4008ZM4 was the perfect super 8 camera but the battery was too bad! Up to now, no camera can be compared with the design of the Beaulieu 4008ZM4.
Both Beaulieu 4008ZM4 and Nikon R10 are silent cameras. Might be it is time to consider this new Kodak...

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As usual, Leica lenses are best in class.

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I still trust Nikon's overall quality and product design. No doubt I will invest in their forthcoming full-frame mirrorless camera system.

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Did they pay and how much they paid? Was there any contract for the job which stipulated the specific requirements of the performance? If not, it is just a childish and stupid action. Becareful that the photographer might sue them for defamation.

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Another great lens for the Olympic Games! Interesting to count number of black lenses vs. white lenses in the Olympic Games... even though all dslr are black in color

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Edmond Leung: What a silly comparison!
Just like comparing the accuracy of SEIKO quartz watch with a VACHERON CONSTANTIN mechanical watch.
Accuracy is meaningless when you buy the VACHERON CONSTANTIN mechanical watch.

I guess you don't have any experience in using Leica M camera

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What a silly comparison!
Just like comparing the accuracy of SEIKO quartz watch with a VACHERON CONSTANTIN mechanical watch.
Accuracy is meaningless when you buy the VACHERON CONSTANTIN mechanical watch.

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The lens is disappointed.
Heavy CA!
The lens of G7x looks better than this one!

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On article Olympus 17mm F1.2 Pro sample gallery (415 comments in total)

Bokeh is still a challenge for M43 even you use this f1.2 lens.
Small sensor size is the key of the problem.

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On article Buying Guide: Best cameras for sports and action (139 comments in total)

The Olympic Games already told you which was the best camera for sports and action. No need to argue!
Which camera was most used by journalists in last Olympic Games?
I noted that white lenses shined throughout the Olympic Games all the time.

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