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What troubles me is that these types of articles always become more frequent ahead of a major product release from Apple. They are written in a way to show how fantastic this particular device is to a certain user group like photographers in this case. The same pattern keeps repeating itself year after year and that smells like product placement articles.

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On article Video: Removing a stuck lens filter... with a band saw (139 comments in total)

You could do the same with small jewelry files and file a thin slot on opposit sides in the filter, then add something solid to twist the damn thing off with. I guess Adam used the band saw because it looks better on TV. :)

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mmcfine: Wow. Microsoft are not ashamed to mimic Apple's brand down to the font type. Lovely looking device but at the end of the day I simply don't trust Microsoft. Too many NT, XP, Vista etc. experiences burnt me out long time ago.

You are judging Microsoft by what happend some 15-20 years ago still thinking things are the same today as back then.. you are one mislead human. Come back to the future where your precious Apple has rotten away and Microsoft is the new king of the hill.

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As one of those Canon sportshooters myself i have to admit Sony has released a very sexy camera, but as we all know by now it's unfortunately not usable without the necessary long fast primes. Adapters just won't get the job done.

The Sony might serve as a backup or secondary/third camera for certain shots but not as the prime shooter yet. Time will tell once Sony get's the long prime's out if a change might be interesting. At the moment i'm afraid it's not for me, i'm sticking to my Canon guns for now.

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Timbukto: Boy oh boy, OLED is premium now? Thought Apple fanboy's would always argue it was inferior with fake clowny colors! Oh but this is the Apple version so it will just be magically better. I've *always* preferred OLED and can see how it substantially reduces eyestrain and mental stress compared to LCD. Apple is finally taking 1 step to building a smartphone I might actually purchase (disclaimer: I am actually an Apple stockholder and have an iPhone due to work).

There is pretty sophisticated colour management in most Android based devices, it's not something exclusive to iPhones.

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Mistajolly: The only reason for me to go with Apple is the support for low latency audio and midi. This is the one major area where Android falls behind. Camera wise, it's a flip of a coin.

Perhaps you need to take a closer look at LG V10 and V20 models which have a pro audio dac with much better audio quality and less latency than anything you can find falling from the Appletree.

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On article Grounded: GoPro recalls Karma drone (54 comments in total)

It's not only running out of power, it's running out of karma too.. :)

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On article Apple revamps MacBook Pro lineup, adds 'Touch Bar' (866 comments in total)
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davemac00: MS Surface looks more and more appealing. Once you're in an app (programme for grown ups) the OS stops being important.

If you are an idiot it doesn't really matter which platform you are using, because even the holy OSX oné gets viruses, trojans and other malware. So the old excuse that only Windows is affected is no longer valid.

Please try again with a better argument if you can think of one. At the moment the Apple computers are all overpriced, featuring old tech and impossible to upgrade. I'd say that makes them pretty much useless for a pro.

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I do prefer the dark background and white text as it's much easier on the eyes to read but also better when you view photos as the bright background colour will be distracting and annoying.

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Magnus3D: When a Android device is on top of the list, people scream that DxO is overrated and useless. But when a Apple devices tops the list, then DxO is the best thing ever..

Nokia was way before Apple with mobile phone cameras, they were great at their time and the Nokia Lumia 1020 still stands strong as one of the best mobile phone cameras today with great sensor and dynamic range.

Posted on Apr 15, 2016 at 19:24 UTC
On Article:8533054559 (70 comments in total)

When a Android device is on top of the list, people scream that DxO is overrated and useless. But when a Apple devices tops the list, then DxO is the best thing ever..

Posted on Apr 15, 2016 at 08:39 UTC as 8th comment | 10 replies
On article UPDATED: Sony a6300 real-world samples (352 comments in total)
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Magnus3D: I would happily buy this camera if it didn't cost an arm and a leg, at almost 1800 euros it's a bit steep. But love the fluid smooth and fast AF system on this puppy.

Sweden, where our high taxes makes prices skyrocket. I have seen prices above 2100 euros with a lens. But average price here is around 1600 to 1800 euros.

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On article UPDATED: Sony a6300 real-world samples (352 comments in total)

I would happily buy this camera if it didn't cost an arm and a leg, at almost 1800 euros it's a bit steep. But love the fluid smooth and fast AF system on this puppy.

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GothamMutt: Umm ... just upgraded to 7.5 I don't see this "format icon" Instagram speaks of. What did I miss?

It seems impossible on Android devices, and it only works on iOS devices. Sad but kinda expected of Instagram to ignore Android users.

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On article iFixit tears down Sony's new a7R II to find its secrets (268 comments in total)

Very well built and very impressive engineering by Sony. Good work!

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On article Adobe CC Announcements: What you need to know (181 comments in total)
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Joe Mayer: I must be a dino. I have no interest in manipulating any images on my i-anything. I don't see the point in using Photoshop AND Lightroom. LR is simply PS-lite and if you have PS, the "free" LR is of no use unless you really have poor cataloging skills and need a program to keep track of your stuff. As for the new features of PS, well, Adobe has always introduced new touch-feely stuff to attract people to update. In this case, they are giving it to those subscribed and are trying to tempt the hold-outs. I don't need to blur my photos and selecting according to sharpness is something I don't get. If I have a shot with great bokeh, I want to select the sharp part? Most people want to select the model so they can create fake bokeh. I'm sure there's a use for it but I can't figure any for my use so for those who can, enjoy. The only use I've seen for sharp masking is in the selection of a group of photos where you can immediately see which ones nailed focus.

Then we are two dinosaurs here, because i don't see the point in Adobe wasting human resources, time and money on developing for the small platform and it's userbase which Apple's products are in the real world.

They should focus their efforts on pleasing the main userbase instead of a small insignificant group of users using a specific set of devices from one specific manufacturer.

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On article DxOMark tests Nokia Lumia 1020's Raw image quality (96 comments in total)
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skytripper: Most people who think a smart phone is a camera don't even know what RAW capability is. To each his own, but carrying a small, high-quality pocket camera at all times is the easiest thing in the world. Who needs a phone that deludes itself that it's a real camera?

Smartphones have never made humans smarter, only dumber. Just look at all those iDiots out there.. :)

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On article Integrating the Apple MacBook Air into a pro workflow (346 comments in total)
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Walter: I don't see it as an advert at is just a "working" photographer who has found a set up that works for him. Positive testimony is not necessarily fan boy. Having said that we are all fan boys aren't we....go on admit it. May not be Apple ...might be some crappy old pc that works for you...great! Might even be a turntable from 1970 that plays those crackly old lp's but hey....;)

Criticism is so easy..I sometimes wish people wouldn't be so lazy and try something harder. Now if only Canon would bring out a 5D with Thunderbolt! :)

It's more like this.. as soon as it's an Apple product it has to be written miles of articles about it. But if the same articles would be written about a standard PC laptop with the same specs and performance they would not bother becaues it's not such a hyped product. Writing about Apple products generates traffic for sites like this, it's what they make a living off.

But it makes them look like they sold their souls cheap to Apple.

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