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olypan: Why are dpreview putting this totally unnecessary review of a cheap, tacky lens that nobody would want for a dead system. It’s pretty obvious why! To say dpreview isn’t influenced by manufacturers or amazon itself is ridiculous.

I use EOS M5. And this lens review interests me. Maybe I will buy 1 next month.
See? I just made this review useful for 1 person (me!)

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SmilerGrogan: This story makes no sense. How could people inside a company profit from raising prices? Normally, raising prices only benefits a company's cash flow, not that of individuals. What was the mechanism by which they profited?
There is obviously much more to the story.

They buy the parts for $100, yet they bill the company for $120. The $20 difference goes into their pockets.

Imagine 100 different parts being inflated by 20%. The final product's price will increase substantially.

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"a camera that has been roundly trashed on our forums by people who have never used it for its poor battery life"

I don't realize there are many desktop warriors on DPR's forum. xD

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On article Hands-on with the Sony a7 III (573 comments in total)

The last picture...it seemed the handgrip was added as an afterthought?

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I miss those Mickey mouse shots and the night shot samples (of a bridge, IIRC) from your site, Jeff. Bought my first SLR based on your review as well. (Canon 30D)

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On article 2019 Buying Guide: Best compact zoom cameras (435 comments in total)

Sad to see that the selection for the 2017 buyer's guide is almost the same as 2016 one.

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This is amazing work! I wonder if you would teach me how to shoot milky way while making a timelapse like yours?

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aiwentimotai: As the saying goes, " Love is blind. " For Apple lovers, the purplish tinge on your photos makes them more artistic. Shorter battery life is good as you have to charge your phone more often and thus, you get to excercise your hands and fingers more. The iPhone is made bendable so that it can conform to the contour of our butts, so it would be more comfortable sitting down with the phone in your back pockets. Having to pull out a recording through connecting your iPhone to a computer and then iTunes is more "straightforward" than Android phones that let's you plug a thumb drive into it and dragging and dropping it into the drive. Having Bluetooth and NFC that doesn't allow you to transfer files to other phones is good because it makes your iPhone more secure. Having a closed eco system and proprietary hardware gets you excluded from other commonly available and lower priced hardware, er i mean, it makes you more exclusive. Having no phone jack is good as it halfs the life of your lightning port since you use it both for charging and listening to music, and so it gives you the excuse to buy a new phone sooner. It also encourages you to spend less time listening to music as the compressed music through the wireless earphones doesn't sound too great after a while (and they also help you set a 5 hrs time limit listening through the earpods). All these also helps Apple in their share prices. You also save your ears from damage because of shorter periods on the headphones. No matter what flaws the iPhone has, Apple lovers will happily embrace them because to them, all these are meant for our good. So you see, love is blind.

No use in convincing others about which phone is better, in my opinion. Why not use both?

Edit : I think both iPhone and Note could produce good pictures, but no pixel peeping!

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Jim144: I disagree with those who think Jeff's reviews are suitable to be published here. The two sites are completely different, and I don't think that DPR's reviews and conclusions should be confused by the addition of non-standard testing. Jeff, I'll always continue to read your reviews on DCRes, but I value more the consistency of reviews on both your site and this one. I would much prefer the sites remained distinct.

IMO, Jeff had been losing many visitors over the years. A simple published review here could benefit both his site (public awareness) and this site (more compact camera reviews)..

Just my 2c.

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On article Composition Basics in Macro Photography (73 comments in total)

I am a novice in macro photography, and one thing I'd like to ask is : How do you keep the frog from jumping away while you are setting the shot?

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This is outrageous! Basically the judge is saying that the whole location and a red bus is copyrighted by a single person. If I was to take a picture in that location and isolate the red bus, does that mean I'm copying Justin's work? What if I took the picture in color? What if I isolate the yellow instead? What if there is no bus? Would I still be infringing copyrights?

Interesting to see how the case would turn out. Really.

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On article Pentax Q Hands-on Preview (281 comments in total)

$200 and I will consider it! :) This looks small and easy to carry around.

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On article Pentax Q Hands-on Preview (281 comments in total)

I think it will fit my hands just right. But at $800, I guess I will pass.

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On article Pentax Q Hands-on Preview (281 comments in total)

I think it will fit my hands just right. But at $800, I guess I will pass.

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On photo Bird of Prey in the Birds of prey challenge (15 comments in total)

Just...wow! Its eyes are so piercingly sharp! Incredible shot!

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