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FE 135mm f/1.8 G Master FULL SIZE photos Sony Mirrorless Lens Talk Apr 13, 2019
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Nikon 135 f/2 DC adapted to Sony Adapted Lens Talk Jan 25, 2019
New A7m3 user, story, asking for lens / FD adapter experience Sony Alpha Full Frame E-mount Talk Jan 24, 2019
What do you actually hope to use your Sony gear for in 2019? Sony Alpha Full Frame E-mount Talk Jan 9, 2019
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affordable vintage lens with nice colours? Adapted Lens Talk Sep 26, 2018
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IBIS..does it matter to you? Sony Alpha Full Frame E-mount Talk Aug 17, 2018
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Rare Sigma 180mm f5.6 APO macro lens $110 For Sale and Wanted Jun 25, 2018
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