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I am not a photographer, whatever it means. But I think I understand how most photographer might feel of today's "photography", and even printshop owners, maybe.

The trend is that everyone can make beautiful pictures in instant, and tend to share it online or just keeping it instead of printing. The "real professional photographers/printshops" might lose some significant job, gradually in the near future.

There will be time when we "ah, look, very beautiful pic... next... next...", when nothing is special as it used to be.

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On article Photoshop CS6: Top 5 Features for Photographers (98 comments in total)

"...a must-have feature for any landscape/architectural photographer...", I think for architectural photographer in the sense of technical geometry correctness may benefit from it, but for a landscape photo art, where any geometry correction would destroy the art itself, and would consider the lens as garbage since it cannot produce image "correctly".

I do graphic designs, and sometimes photography. With newer CSes, I benefit a lot more in designs or manipulations, than photography. CSes are less for photographers, IMO.

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rondhamalam: What ???????
Nokia ??????
What the heck...

iPhone and Samsung Galaxy are far better, and already implementing photography features.

Nokia belongs to old people. Struggles hard but it's decision to select Windows phone is a total disaster. Lack of apps and boring interface.

If Nokia concentrates on Android it will help.

spoiled little sheep of a false cult aren't you, boy...?

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On article Just Posted: Canon PowerShot SX150 IS review (85 comments in total)
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Sean Nelson: I find it frustrating that your reviews of AA-powered cameras never properly explain the battery options:

- Alkalines are for emergency use because they can be bought anywhere and retain their charge for decades. But they drain quickly during actual use in high current devices such as digital cameras and you should never use them as a "normal" choice for your camera.

- Lithium batteries (the non-rechargeable ones) have extremely long shelf life and a very high capacity. My experience is that you can get a couple of thousand shots out of them. They're expensive, but perfect if you're going on a trip where recharging opportunities won't be available.

(continued next post...)

Expensive and long lasting might be the attributes of proprietary lithium batteries. Therefore nothing can beat Sanyo Eneloop, for it is cheap and long lasting (except for the compact-size department).

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Everyone is heading towards Apple-American Hypercapitalism way nowadays. Sue, sue, sue...

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On article Nikon announces D4 'multi-media' DSLR (228 comments in total)

"Velocity Meets Versatility"
velocity relates to vector measurement. Do they mean "Speed" instead, or they're planning to throw the camera to someone...?

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On article Lytro Light Field Camera first look with Ren Ng (224 comments in total)

Somehow I still believe that the trick is to "bracket" or "animate" the picture capturing in high speed frame per second (say, 60 fps with 60 different focus points, and so on). That's how they need a proprietary software to process it, to pick which "animation frame" has the focus point wanted by the photographer.
If I'm right then I'll be laughing in joy in the end, but if I'm wrong then I'll just move on and accept that technology is advancing and the future is near...

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photonion: DSLR is a relic of the past. Period. We got rid of the film, time to get rid of the mirror. Some of the arguments here remind me the days when people would say that film will never die, digital is for amateurs etc... Gentlemen life moves on, technology moves on, so keep in mind that probably some of you were arguing some years ago that film would never die...

Then there'll be mirrorless cameras with standard SLRs' size...

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We the old ones who are posting in here, will someday have to completely learn to accept, that something has changed, no matter how you're bragging about "the old ones are the best ever", or "it is like a toy compared to mine, the true professionals'".

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On article Canon launches PowerShot SX40 HS 35x CMOS superzoom (160 comments in total)
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Lupti: 1080p24? The old SX1 IS had 1080p30. Geez, shove 24p up your ar*e, Canon. FZ150 offers 50/60p and you come up with 24p? Fail.

No flash hotshoe...? Are you sure? It is just covered by a hotshoe cap, like the previous model.

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On article Lytro plenoptic camera used for fashion shoot (100 comments in total)

A trick of 60 FPS Casio, with focus bracketing...?

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