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Is this printer good enough for non professional printing? Looking for affordable printer for own bedroom wall.. Or maybe other printer below 150USD, any alternative suggestion?

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why they don't just make action cam?

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I need to patent shooting under sunlight, then under sunlight with diffuser at top of the model, 45 degree, 2 diffuser, etc :D

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Yeah, the most amusing part on dpreview is the comment section because I see more "pros" than the actually pros. He combined 2 picture into 1 then so what? It's just like taking double exposure and burning, dodging in darkroom. He stated that he's an artist not a photographer. Complainer should just post their works, let's see how good yours :D. While he out there making money, most of hater can only spend their times in dpreview to become a keyboard warrior :D, pathetic.

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It's a Nex-3N or maybe Nex-6 sensor with different outfit and brand for premium market :D

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Dheorl: He did a pro photographer cheap camera challenge recently as well. Camera wasn't as terrible as some of the previous ones but he did get some very cool shots.

hmmm, I want to see you use that kind of camera and produce better picture than that happy :D

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rodoki: I just unboxed my Sony alpha Nex6 a few minutes ago.
I have several Panasonic Lumix's and a Canon Rebel.
The Sony, however, is the first camera I've encountered whereby I cannot simply recharge the battery in a compact charger!
Instead I have to connect a wire from the camera into the charger and thence into a wall socket meaning I cannot have second backup battery.
If I'm on vacation I can't simply leave a battery charging at a hotel room and go out and use my camera with a second battery.
I have to leave the WHOLE camera behind to charge!
Am I missing something here? It seems VERY odd.

LOL I love charging direct to camera, and yes we need to buy extra external charger, but you can just buy cheap chinese charger for around 10-15 USD, with that I can charge 2 battery at the same times, and also I can charge with powerbank when it need.

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vodanh1982: Wow. the 75mm f/1.8 is the sharpest m43 lens and Sigma made it.

I have 35mm 1.4 Sigma, and sold my Zeiss in just 3 days after bought the sigma :D, also the USB dock is great, going to get other sigma lenses from now.

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Can I use T-stop lens for just photo not video?

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vFunct: Nikon makes the best cameras - better than Canon.

Nothing else is even in the same league.

Whenever I go to a press event, all the professional photographers are using Nikon or Canon.

There is absolutely nothing else.

Mirrorless cameras are garbage, strictly used by amateurs that do not know professional photography.

This new Nikon is just icing on their top-shelf cake.

Hmm I never hear your name among other pro photographer anyway. Seriously, how much pro are you? Are you as pro as Zack Arias, Michael Yamashita, Joe McNally, or maybe Ansel Adams? Nothing else is even in the same league huh? Why don't compare your photos with Mike Yamashita, can your work beat his Sony? Remember, Sony is out of the league though, you should do better :D LOL

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bilcobarnes21: I dont understand what enjoyment people get, constantly bashing products, its rare people commment on these forums with something pleasant to say about a camera, its either pulling a camera to pieces or defending their prize possession by castigating the enemys camera/Brand of choice

I also think people shold realise what sort of a camera the GX7 is before comparing with their male jewerlally, D800's and Nano coated prime lenes or such like.

it really does take me a back, people need to get a life, i dont understand why they do it, especially when so many good dating sites are avaiable for these guys at the touch of a button.

You Know who you are..

I wonder why you need iso 6400?

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Francis Carver: Wow, this new one from RICOH-PENTAX puts the lame duck Canikoner DSLRs to shame.


SELECTABLE LOW PASS FILTER: You the user/shooter can select whether you want to use the AA filter -- or not. Your choice, right on the spot.

TWIN MEMORY CARD SLOTS: Check. Some DSLRs from Canikon priced at over $2,000 for the body only do not even have this simple capability.

USB 3.0 IMAGE DOWNLOADS: Check. 99.9% of the others are still stuck with slowpoke USB 2.0.



4K RESOLUTION VIDEO INTERVAL RECORDING: Check. Nothing on that front from Canikon, last time I checked.

All this world-class leading technology for only $1,300. Wow, that makes the Canikon DSLR prices seem like wholesale highway robbery in comparison, huh?

Kudos to RICOH-PENTAX for this PENTAX K-3, I daresay.

LCD screen -- it is a 3.2-incher, but it is a fixed screen, not articulated. Obviously not intended for dedicated video folks. Ouch.

-- It's a camera, if you dedicated for video, buy handycam instead, video is just an addon for DSLR camera. ouch

IBIS -- is the in-body IS the type that Olympus is using, i.e. the phenomenal 5-axis IBIS? Or just the more traditional 3-axle type that everyone out there and their aunts and uncles are using?

-- I know 2 axis, my sony is 2 axis, but still much better than IS from lens, at least IS is still function when using old manual lenses :p

MISC. EXTRAS: ISO setting up to 51,200 -- wow, how grainy will your stills and video going to be there, you think?

-- Lots of camera have this setting? can d800 or 5d mark 3 handle iso 51.200? Is there anyone shoot at 51200? for your job especially?

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Biowizard: My last 35mm film camera that I kept with me at nearly all times, was a Contax S2 - titanium bodied, 100% mechanical shutter - fitted with a Ziess Planar 50mm f1.4. If I wanted other focal lengths, I'd shoot on my Olympus OM-1 and the assortment of Zuikos I had. Renenber, this Contax was my take-everywhere camera, and I wasn't interested in toting a "system" around day-to-day. The results of shooting Kodachrome 25 through this lens, even wide open, were nothing short of stunning. Even made my prime Zuiko glass look fuzzy by comparison.

Since I went digital about 9 years ago, I've been shooting Olympus with Oly zooms. Good images, nice handling, but nothing to compare to my Zeiss 50/f1.4.

I am about to invest in my next DSLR - and am VERY tempted to forego autofocus and zooms, and instead buy a couple of Zeiss prime lenses. Myt only quibble: Nikon's focusing thread runs back-to-front compared to Olympus & Canon, and I am not sure I could get used to that!


ehmm Jurassic Period? Can you beat Ansel Adam and some other Jurassic photographers with their jurassic equipment with your D800? LOL

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joe1512: Despite all the griping, its CHEAP! 300 bucks and it is comparable to the Ricoh GR and the other $800+ APC-S prime lens cameras out there. Very compact, same sensor pretty much, same IQ, and good 2.0 aperature.

Sure it might have slower autofocus or whatever, but heck... for 1/3rd the price?

I don't mind for slower autofocus, beside it depends on what kind of photography everyone loved? For me, I only like flowers, Long exposure and landscape, I don't like to take people's photo or sport, so AF is not a problem for me. However lack of viewfinder make it harder to take picture under bright sunlight.

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Playful: I have a canon eos m w/ the 22mm lens. Is there another way to zoom besides clicking on the magnifying glass at the bottom right corner? If not, should I return this kit and buy the 18-55mm kit?

yeah, that's prime lens so it doesn't zoom, however that 22mm can produce good IQ

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