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Acciolyfotograf: Amazing lens, they should mention how sharp it is.

That would be very interesting I admit. Are there any records of this lens' performance somewhere on the internet?

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3dit0r: Dedicated buttons and dials for functions, rather than having to constantly dive into menus, are partly why I need a dedicated camera rather than my phone. Others are sensor size/quality and lens/focal length choice and better ergonomics.

Modern cameras need so many dials and buttons simply because they contain so many functions. Yes, when I used a Leica M6, I only needed 4 dials (aperture/shutter speed/focus/film speed) but that’s because there was nothing else to choose - no AF removed the need for multiple buttons to select which mode and select focal points, etc., only one metering type removed all those related options and buttons, no display/viewscreen, etc., etc...

If you build a digital camera with a cut down feature set, sure, it’s fine to remove the extra control points, but if the features are there you don’t want to dive into menus to select them. There need to be almost as many buttons as features.

That's why I am so much in love with Canon. Canon has right from the start made sure that most buttons and menus don't change position or function, apart from adding more functionality. Added to that I can program my menus to suit with very quick accessibility (touch screen) which is a fantastic feature.

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BillMassNBPT ILC: I sooo wanted an SLR when I was in high school in the late '60s. With my limited budget, I bought a Hanimex Practice Super TL. Young and naive, I thought it was so high tech compared to non SLR's. The more I used it the more I realized what a gigantic piece of s--- this camera was. It is long gone .......

I still owe a Hanimex 600mm tele lens. It consists of 2 parts that fit together (front and end parts) screwed together with a solid ring. It even has a visor on top of the front part of the lens so you can put it in the more or less correct direction of where to start to focus. The focussing ring has actually a short straight piece of bar screwed in to grab it for I assume faster focusing. It also has a massive lens shade. As far as I could figure out it has two lenses, one at the rear and one at the front. Resolution and sharpness and aberration qualities I better not qualify. It's now a powerful weapon being pretty hefty and 600 mm long. A killer lens!!!

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Thoughts R Us: The Nikon pro bodies are well sculpted machines, forged from the hammer of the gods. Even though the DSLR pro bodies are large and heavy, they also are very well balanced and are so well designed that they don't feel as burdensome to carry as some might think.

The Nikon controls are also very well thought out, refined through decades of experience catering to the pro photographers out there.

If this is designed as well as those are, and we have every reason to believe so, and taking into account some size/weight savings for mirrorless, then this will be a joy to hold and to use.

@Elisam. Over the top hyperbole? It's either over the top or hyperbole otherwise it's really an exaggeration of an exaggeration, which might be your idea.

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Toni Salmonelli: I'm an APS-C shooter, but those light and compact 28-70ish 2.8 lenses from Sigma Tamron make a strong point for FF IMO.

Yep and no vignetting to speak of.

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On article Canon RF 600mm F11 real-world samples (387 comments in total)
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CanonKen: I'm getting the vibe this is going to be a 'budget' lens that is going to need to be used by a fairly advanced user to really get the most from. I think if the average newbie got this or the 800mm, they would probably be very upset with their images (either ISO 12,000 mush or blurry/OOF shots).

How good is the recovery on the R6 and R5? Should people be shooting 2, 3 stops under-exposed and bringing back some brightness in post? Try to keep the ISO a bit lower/shutter a bit faster.

Bringing brightness back in post gives a worse result then using the camera's high ISO. I admit it always sounds the solution but it isn't. The only advantage that it would bring is the possibility of a slightly sharper photo because of a faster shutter speed but then only if shooting out of hand.

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What I would really like to see from CANON is a camera that has a superb sensor with the best low light performance than any other camera on the market for years to come. Video I hardly ever shoot, just so once in a while for fun. I wish they would spend their time developing a brand new sensor doesn't have to be 50 MP, 30 would be ample, but excellent low light capabilities and a super No of shots like 750 or so and 10 to 12 frames per second.

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cdembrey: My favorite phone-phish is *I'm from the IRS (USA Internal Revenue Service) I need your Social Security Number to verify I'm speaking to the right person.*

I get this call a dozen time a week. Phone-phishing must be doing *robocalls.* 8-)

HAHAHA, sorry pal but it looks like you're going to die.......deactivated hahaha

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dwill23: You said EF lens. But the first two are FF-S, which wouldn't fit on a C200 or 5D mark IV...confusing.

If you'd read the article it wouldn't have been confusing! The 5D IV is full frame and they're talking about APSC. lenses.

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Otto Fabricius2: I think this model of Hasselblad is also intersting to photographers who are used to the other "real" Hasselblads. And they are used to manual focusing - as most photographers are (- or used to be...). So, I think it is a bit exaggerated to critisize its autofocus. This camera is clearly not for everyone

I think Hasselblad is trying to build on its name and quality, not on features. The only thing to be said about this Hasselblad is that it looks really great and that it takes photos well, but that is all.

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Thoughts R Us: One thing the other camera brands could learn from Hasselblad: that beautiful and easy to understand menu system.

It actually looks like something from the smartphone era, not from the 1990's.

Imagine, for instance, if you took this type of menu system to a Sony mirrorless.

Leica does have a similarly nice and modern menu system for its SL2.

I think Hasselblad can learn something from Canon as far as ease of understanding the menu system is concerned.

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GV65: I miss some of the very early cameras that opened up digital for the masses, like the canon eos 300D, the first affordable DSLR.

That's very true and a capable camera to boot. This was my very first digital camera and I am still impressed by the photos that came out of it. My only gripe with the camera was it extremely slow start up. Only a novice then, I shot in JPG not even knowing what RAW was for. Wish I had known as with the latest photo editors those JPGs photos could even have turned out better.
Unfortunately I had a break in and all my camera equipment was stolen. That's South Africa for you

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Kharan: To release it by now, they shouldn’t have bothered. They could’ve discreetly asked Meike to make the same thing for $30 and left it at that. It’d have saved them from some ridicule at least.

I know no camera that provides a battery grip for a DSLR without the "stalk" The majority of camera manufactures do!

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Well have you ever! I bought ON1 for $80. Forget about those silly $1.00 whoever gets caught out with this 99 cents every time??
I payed for an upgrade for $80 and now, with having struggled with bugs etc I can buy a much improved version from the shelf as if I didn't contribute to the development of ON1.
I felt sometimes I was using a Beta version, now I can buy the latest one for $100.
So basically I have wasted $60 in a sense. Come on ON1 I am sure you can do better with your established customers and give them a bigger discount then the $20?
I think a max price of $40 for the upgrade would be more acceptable in this case as the bugs and the slowness taught me quite a few new words I didn't even know existed, but I'm NOT grateful for that.
So how about $40 for the upgrade??

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sh10453: Weddings spending, in general, has become ridiculous in most cases.
$thousands for photography/videography/DJ, $thousands for reception hall, $thousands for food, and more for jewelry, gown, suit, cake, limousine, church, ..., and the priceless agony and stress that precedes, accompanies, and follows all of the above.

The couple, especially with low income, ends up being in debt for many years down the road.
I'll just elope and go on a cruise. Smart phone (P3) photos will be just fine :)

Your comment has very little, if any, to do with the topic at hand.

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capeminiol: Sorry, he lost all the photos and videos because his camera did not have dual card slots.

If he uses only one camera, possible, but as far as I know, good wedding photographers have two very similar cameras on them for a wedding and any other paying photos-hoot. You have various formatted cards on you all the time!!
If a card fails, two slots is not going to help you much in any case. May save some time in having to replace the card but otherwise, two card slots is basically only a convenience! Card failure is card failure no matter how many slots you have!!!

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On article Nikon D3500 vs. Canon T7: Which is better? (275 comments in total)
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Tomasz_Wk: A friend of mine compared her pictures from the A6000 vs her new cell phone. Now she wants to sell her camera.
For some people, the ease of use and the point and shoot - "no brainer" quality of the cell phones is hard to beat.

It wasn't so long ago that I wanted to have a print of a reasonable size like 76x51cm, for the uninitiated this is close to 30"x20". The first thing the printer asks me whether it is a cellphone picture or camera. When I told him it was a camera he gave a sigh of relief, 'thank goodness', he says 'they come in with these fancy phones and then want me to blow them up. Look they say it's beautiful and very sharp. Then they show the cellphone picture. Sure looks very nice but when blown up, forget it. Very difficult to print' Maybe this tells the story. Never tried myself but he is in the business. So Cellphone photos, I don't know.

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On article High Speed Sync with YN560 flash (54 comments in total)
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allan358: Wot a load of rubbish filled with other accurate detail not relevant . This test was carried out with the slave on fullpower , an old trick based on the fact that at fullpower the light burst is so long it is like using continous light and proves nothing .

That's called hyper speed sync. Not very useful for speed lights though.

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Jonathan F/2: I wish these were shot on a Nikon D850. It'd be easier to gauge maximum performance on a camera with superior image performance.

Also Sigma is kicking butt with their lenses. Honestly I don't know why anyone would pay extra for Zeiss glass when Sigma does it better, cheaper and with auto focus.

Nikon D850 with superior image quality, you're either trying to brag or you should become the head honcho if you could see the quality difference so easily between a Canon 5D SR. and Nikon. This is nonsense man. You couldn't see the difference if you hadn't be told. Maybe you could because the Canon has better colour rendition but otherwise, come on, stop this superior nonsense!

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tkjho: One of their main complaints was that the bride's name was half washed out. They seemed to think that it was because of the flash lights. In fact it was most likely due to the venue's bright illumination on the screen and had nothing to do with the photographer's flash, as the screen was much further from the flashlights than the people. Dimming the lights on the screen should have balance the lighting on the subject and the screen.

That maybe true, but don't forget to have a look at every shot you take or at least the first shot and then assess the situation and the lighting and either move or bring in extra light. For that type of mistake there is no excuse!

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