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On article Canon EF 24-70mm f/4 L IS USM Preview (131 comments in total)

Price makes this a completely ridiculous product. Period.

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On article Canon releases promised Firmware v2.0.0 for EOS 7D (104 comments in total)
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Octane: Awesome that a manufacturer spends a lot of time and effort to make an 'old' camera much better and provides it as a free upgrade via software. I hope this will set an example!

O.k., seems I wasn't clear...

Canon is doing this to renew interest in a product that, while still being a good tool, is starting to lag behind the competition... or just about to. They are doing this, like everything else, to make money. They want to sell 7Ds... now they can say there is a "new" 7D with this firmware. Since they probably don't have a good 7D replacement anywhere near production... they're trying to rekindle the interest in another wise - now - bland product.

I would have had more respect for them, had they released this update 2 years ago, in the product's mid-life cycle and not as a last ditch effort to drum up sales of the 7D, probably still a whole year before they'll get anything else interesting out the door to replace it.

Of course, Canon fanboys won't see it that way... but then again, what's new under the sun... ???

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On article Canon releases promised Firmware v2.0.0 for EOS 7D (104 comments in total)
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Octane: Awesome that a manufacturer spends a lot of time and effort to make an 'old' camera much better and provides it as a free upgrade via software. I hope this will set an example!

Well, I don't want to rain on Canon's parade...

BUT, you are of course aware that Canon is only doing this to renew the interest in the 7D (lagging sales) and to keep the people who've already bought one from jumping ship... and not so much as disinterested service to it's existing base of customers.

I would have wholeheartedly agreed with you, had Canon done this AFTER releasing the 7D replacement.

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On article Sigma UK launches Olympics-themed photo competition (36 comments in total)

If it were not for the prizes..., this contest would be interesting !

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Ben O Connor: sounds a good package. I also wish to see its "bigger sensor" competitor fujifilm XS-1 in dpreview.com

Its rather interesting, very much like a DSLR smalller sensor fixed 30x zoom. And bigger sonsor than these super-zoom guys. with a huge price tag on it , that let all consider a DSLR instead !!

In a review elsewhere (sorry forgot where...), I've read that the XS-1's lens is very disappointing, among other things, having terrible resolution / sharpness figures in the mid-range... of all places. As soon as I read that, it was... RIP... Fuji XS-1... After all... all the best sensor / noise reduction tech in the world isn't worth squat... if there isn't any good glass in front of it.

Hope this one does better.

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Great if IQ is as good or better than the best of the name brand zooms.

As good as a paper weight if not.

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On article Just posted: Our Canon Pixma Pro-1 printer review (69 comments in total)

If I may make a suggestion to DPR's reviewers.

Along with all your other tests, would it be possible to add a test that would give us a general idea of the relationship between printer idle time and number of cleaning cycles / wasted ink needed to get it to print from all it's nozzles?

I would definitely appreciate this being a standard test along with the others for future reviews. It is relevant information for anyone in the market for a high end printer but that doesn't print constantly, as would be the case for most hobbyists.

Don't want to micromanage... but you could publish the results of all the other tests / benchmarks, then keep the printer around for a few months, trying to print after longer and longer idle times and then adding those results to the review as they become available.

Since just about all high end printers are capable of making great prints, it could be THE deciding factor for a lot of consumers on which printer they buy.

Just an idea...

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On article Just posted: Our Canon Pixma Pro-1 printer review (69 comments in total)
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wilsonlaidlaw: This printer is going to have to be massively better than the Pixma Pro 9500 to be any good. I have the PP 9500. Nearly every time I come to use it and wake it up from sleep, after spending 10 minutes cleaning the heads and p***ing away expensive ink from the tiny cartridges, it then demands for at least one cartridge to be replaced.

I reckon my ink costs on the PP9500 are close to GBP10 per A3+ print averaged out. Compared with the rather unreliable but very economical HP B9180 A3+ printer I have in France, the PP9500 is a waste of space and money.

I would need to be very convinced that Canon are not continuing to con their buyers into buying a machine that wastes 80%+ of its ink, before I considered that against the slightly more expensive to buy, Epson Stylus Pro 3880. I suspect that over say a 3 year period, the Epson would be cheaper. I have spent hundreds of pounds on PP9500 cartridges, most of which has not ever hit paper.


Here here... I was going to make a similar comment.

Haven't had a big printer in a few years, but every time I think of getting one, I remember the days of frustration and wasted inks, trying to get my Epson 2200 to print from ALL it's nozzles. Every time it hadn't printed for a day or two, I would have to go through a few cleaning cycles to get it to print correctly. Great photos, mind you, when all the nozzles were finally purged and firing as they were supposed to.... !

Why is it that my $99 Kodak all in one printer, can sit idle for anywhere between 2 days to 2 months (even about 6 months on one occasion)... and still print decent photos without it EVER asking me to go through a clean cycle, printing from ALL it's nozzles, but a $1000 printer can't print correctly without going through a costly ink wasting clean cycle (when it's not 2 or 3 cleaning cycles) every time it stays idle for more than 2 days ???

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I would actually wait until the beginning and maybe even the end of the summer to see the reviews and user comments on the new cameras to see if the problem has actually been solved.

I'm not sure a modified sensor developed in a few months and "as quickly as possible" is such a good idea...

I love the XS-1 concept but I may wait for the.... XS-2 !

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makofoto: Nothing's perfect ... make it work for you:


Sarcastically funny !

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" Problem... ? ? "
" What problem ? "

Fuji rep

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Wonder if "in-camera" IS is as good as optical IS with this type of lens ??

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On article Canon EOS-1D X overview (379 comments in total)

Just can't understand why they would announce a camera as important as this one... 5 months ahead of time ???

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Sorry my friend, but this is a " C O M M E N T S " section after all... if you or DPR don't like the comments... then don't put a comment's section.

Giving a free lens as a prize is basically advertising from Tamron that want you to buy their product. I feel more than justified, as a consumer and regular DPR reader, to tell Tamron through this medium that I'm very disappointed in their VC version of this lens, since, for some reason, the optics in this particular lens are a serious downgrade from the non-VC version. They simply did not do their homework and submitted a sub-par lens at a higher price.

What's wrong with voicing my concerns and disappointment ? I love the non-VC version of this lens which I have had in the past and simply hope that Tamron goes back to the drawing board and gives us all a worthy "VC" successor to that lens and not the serious downgrade of a lens they are now offering as a prize for this contest !

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If only the lens they were offering was any good...

According to the Photozone website, the VC version of this lens is nowhere near the quality of the non-VC one. Sorry, but I have no interest in this lens, even if I could get it for free.

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