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The sun/moon will be very high in the sky at totality so if you want foreground in your pics you will need a very wide lens. Your basic kit lens won't go wide enough.

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Putting a short flange on a camera doesn't necessarily make it that much smaller, once a lens is put on it. A 50mm focal length is 50mm, so the center of focus will still be 50mm out in front of the sensor. The camera/lens package will still have the same depth from front element to the back of the camera.
Of course there are advantages to a short flange, like weight, and size with a wide angle lens, but there are disadvantages too. It is harder to use heavy long lenses on a short flange body.

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DualSystemGuy: I keep wishing for Sigma to sell this tech to Sony, so we can see what it can do with real R&D money behind it.

Foveon would sell their sensors to anyone who wanted them, but nobody ever took them up on it.

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A few years ago I compared my Pentax SMC 1.4 50mm, Leica Summilux 1.4 50mm, and Konica Hexanon 1.4 55mm on my NEX, just shooting in my front yard. All three were manual lenses from the 60's or early 70's. Comparing flare and sharpness, the Leica and Pentax were very similar while the Konica was slightly worse. Lots of CA around the edges on all of them. That Konica, as well as the Hexanon 24, had the nicest handling though. Those lenses just fit the hand perfectly.

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It would be nice if they would include a smart phone in the Sony. Then you would only need to carry your camera around.

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How does this compare to the $500. SkyWatcher Allview?


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Gorgeous in every way. You have truly captured the beauty of the landscape. I have been taking pictures for 40 years and my best efforts are so far below this that it isn't even funny.
On a separate note, have you checked out the Skywatcher Allview tripod? It is designed for time lapse and its really cheap.

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Franka T.L.: The real question one must asked : how come the sport community had still not able to integrate better the technology available to them to better police and judge. Sport events usually happen at a fast pace, a pace that even the most trained might find challenging and missing some key event happening. This is where technology can help and should.

No sensors are used in ice hockey. There is a goal judge who sits behind the glass and turns on the goal light if a goal is scored. They do use video replay if there is doubt.

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chino: Not to rain on everyone's parade (and tirade), but:
There's absolutely no 'Kodak' in this thing, besides the name its realtors are hawking left and right. And who's JK Imaging? Did anyone know about them a year ago? The only real news here is the manufacture of a full (albeit low tech/quality, at least initially) mirrorless line by a Chinese company. It won't take more than a couple of years-at most, before they flood the market with their own branded mirrorless everything, all based on the open source (and free) Android OS. Further reads:



I owned 3 P&S Kodak cameras in the past and truthfully, none were that great. Good prices though. One was made in China, I'm not sure about the other two. I wonder how much actual Kodak content were in these cameras. They claimed to have that special Kodak look so perhaps the software was tweaked to their specs but it is difficult to imagine Kodak going to the expense of designing these things from the ground up. Why bother when you can simply slap your own brand on some other manufacturer's camera.
It isn't much of a step for that manufacturer to buy the name themselves and slap it on their own cameras. They will probably be more interested in the quality of the product than Kodak ever was.

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I am interested in the lens design. My Leica 35mm true wide angle seems smaller than this lens. I wonder if they are using a retro-focus 35mm design like those made for slr's. The light rays will strike the sensor at a less steep angle with a retrofocus lens. Leica used offset microlenses to try and compensate for the steep angle from their true wide angle design.

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Interesting how all the streetlights on every bridge stop exactly half way across.

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My ideal digital camera would be a digital version of the Rollei 35. Small, great lens, full size sensor.
I would also like to see some kind of modularity, where the electronic components could be upgraded while retaining the mechanical components.

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