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I am also disappointed that they left out the headphone jack. I hope they will include it in the xh2.

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RhonaldJR: Xt3 is for photographers and xt4 is for videographers. Fuji pleased both the crowd.

I respectfully disagree! On the xt4 fuji did NOT include the headphone jack in the body of the camera-a big mistake on their part. What video camera lacks such an important piece. And, no i dont want the grip since i went with fuji for their compact size. If i wanted a large camera, i could have stayed with canon.

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I was debating to upgrade to the xt 4 or wait for the xh 2 next year. However, fuji not including the headphone jack on the body of the xt 4, they made it easy for me to make my decision. Will wait for the xh2, since i’d like to do more video on the xh2 and will use the xt2 (which i have) for stills.

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I'm pretty sure this is the the world' s MOST EXPENSIVE on camera flash....almost $1,! Thats crazy.

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Very well said, david franklin. It's hard for the liberal media and the dumbocrats to admit that we finally have a real president-who is down to earth and making some REAL CHANGES THAT BENEFIT AMERICANS.

And for those who are foaming at their mouth that trump is being investigated, just remember that "innocent until proven guilty" applies to trump as well.

There have been numerous cases when obama and hillary should have been charged for breaking the law....but nothing happened and the liberal media were all quiet....

There is sooo much bias and so much hatred towards trump and those on his side....and the dumbocrats are so blind to see their hypocrasy. Even the phrase "America First" has been interpreted to be racist....

I no longer watch the liberal media....i know their agenda....and i will not feed myself TRASH!

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The fact is that most of the people who take selfies dont realize that most of their selfies are distorted...due to the use of wide angle lens and keeping the lens too close....and if u try to tell them of this they get offended or they look at u as "trying to be a smarty pants"...

Also, when u look at other people's selfies, at least one person looks like they had their arm amputated....for that reason i refuse to take selfies...i'd rather ask someone else to take the picture of me and my group and ask them to be at least 5 feet away...that way u dont get distorted pictures and no sign of having an arm amputated....but i guess the selfie thing is becoming the norm these days...u even see famous people (actors) getting into this selfie hysteria....

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