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F9 then whine...

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By the way is there a comparison of high MP & binning vs. low MP with larger photosites leading to same final MP image anywhere? What produces better results? My guess the binning is favourable at the cost of additional processing.

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I'm concerned that the average consumer is going to equate the higher IQ with the "41MP" text slapped on the back rather than the larger sensor/pixel binning. I guess putting in large letters "1/1.2" sensor!" just doesn't have the same effect.

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Is HDR being criticized because there is a temporal discontinuity between shots? I mean if we're making an accusation that it's a fabrication because it's two or more moments in time put together to create the same scene couldn't you argue a similar case for super long exposures with objects moving in and out of the shot? What if we were to create a set of rules such as the shots have to be taken within a certain time frame and one can't move the camera and come back (although that defeats the whole purpose). Or is it because it requires certain kinds of post processing that may be be unacceptable in photojournalism (i.e. tone mapping)? I seem to be indifferent to the whole thing; just don't make the photo look like my dog's breakfast.

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White discs? Orbs? I'm waiting for the next version where a Yeti appears in every shot. No wonder it's X-series camera... X as in X-files.

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How come no one has brought up a supernatural explanation for this phenomenon? Could these orbs be the spirits of the Fuji founders? Perhaps they're disappointed with where the brand is headed and now haunt all new cameras.

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Disregarding the resulting exposures, what differentiates one photo with a given shutter speed vs. two photos at half that shutter speed that are combined?

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