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Nice experiment - For future reference although not as much fun as the sourcing the Ice you used, Kiruna, Sweden (The Ice Hotel) exports crystal clear ice year round. Typically used for Ice Carvings. They farm it from the river at a spot where there is no viable debris or bubbles and store its in blocks.

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Thank you for sharing your photographs and a glimpse into the life of the Van Gujjars - Well done!

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Impressive and a reminder of the fragility of life and sensitivity to changes in environmental balance. Global warming in my opinion is clearly happening, but the distinction between a natural cycle and the human contribution to it is not as clear. Having said that, the past 25-30 years are the first time we had the tools to measure the contribution human's are making to global warming at all levels. At the same we now have a level of understanding that enables us to take steps to reduce human contributions to Global warming. Will doing this change the course of Global warming, we may never know for sure, but the consequence of not taking steps to reduce our contribution is to risk the future of life on Earth as we know it. In my opinion not doing everything that we reasonable can to reduce our contribution to Global warming not something we all really want to leave as a legacy to my Grandchildren and their Grandchildren.

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Great work - stunning video.

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Nice composition - colors works well.

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Great Photo

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Great work - IMHO you captured spirit of New York City very well, but a slice of Joe's Pizza in lieu of a burger and a shot of one of the legendary Baseball Team's Stadium's and Madison Square Garden would have added another dimension.

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Well done.

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Great shot.

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Impressive and a new art form.

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Beautiful photos - great work! Thank you for taking the time to share the info on your tools and techniques.

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Great shot

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Great approach to capturing what will become wonderful memories.

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Interesting composition. Sometimes just capturing the moment results in the best photos.

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