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MickeyVee: Quote: We were disappointed we couldn't directly set exposure compensation changes to one of the command dials - a feature found on Nikon DSLRs.

Umm. Set Fn2 to Exposure Compensation.. press on the rear control dial bring it up and turn to adjust.. press again and done. Couldn't be simpler.

I'm probably the only owner of the two most bashed cameras on DPReview.. the Nikon V3 and the Canon G1X MkII. Nikon for daylight and lens selection.. have the trifecta 6.7-13VR, 10-100VR and 70-300VR and the Canon for low light and when I need flash.
From an handling POV and my uses (rarely print large), I'm not missing my DSLRs at all. For me, it's fit for purpose with some niggles mostly with the flash system. YMMV.

You're right you can set Fn2 to exposure compensation, but as yslee1 points out, on Nikon DSLRs you can adjust it without pressing a button. For many Nikon users, it's a convenient, often used feature, so we were hoping to use the V3 in the same manner since it handles very much like a DSLR.

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On article Nikon 1 V3 Review (651 comments in total)
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Lin Evans: Why ping on the camera in the review conclusions for having an LED hard to see in sunlight when Nikon provides an EVF?

The EVF comes bundled with the V3 kit only in the US. Elsewhere, you can get the body only and EVF separately. Plus, there might be times when you want to compose high or low angles using tilting LCD instead of the EVF.

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Menneisyys: A little mistake in the article: it's not Oyi but Oyj. (j standing for "julkinen", that is, public.)

Thanks. It's fixed now

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peevee1: DPR: "A panel of judges shortlisted 15 images."

And you for some reason only published 14 pages, with 2 pictures on page 11. The second of those was the only one which, I guess, was hard to take.
#10 is beautiful and worth a second look.

Thanks. It's fixed now.

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