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Reg Natarajan: What's next? How about emails? In my company, many people who work for me write emails. Some of them are really quite creative and well written. Barring a contract, can these employees now republish their work emails without my consent? I suppose it's no sillier than Apple winning a billion dollars from Samsung for having copied Ericsson first.
People can say it's an unfair comparison all they want. It won't make it true. The fact is that art was BETTER before copyright law. All copyright law has gotten us is huge media companies peddling trash. Now those companies protect their turf by suing our kids for downloading music. This is not in the public interest.

We are over-regulating and over-legislating EVERYTHING. It is not leading to more innovation. It is not leading to better art. It's not leading to anything except more lawsuits and more lawyers. We need a serious rethink of all intellectual property law, the sooner the better.

You are a moron, frankly, and have no understanding - let alone respect - for the work, talent and financial burden commercial photographers in Canada carry.

The situation above is work-for-hire were it a still image situation. For video and film it is another matter than shooting for an ad that has a commercial, consumer purpose.

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