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Photo Editor for the Gemological Institute of America. If you shoot gems - why haven't
you called me? (Or mines and factories, and other stuff related to gem/jewelry industry.)
I use a 1Ds Mark II at work, but thinking about getting a D200 or D2X for myself.


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Disappointing that Leica would try to make the Leica of phones with the Scion of phones manufacturer.

Link | Posted on Jul 26, 2017 at 00:38 UTC as 21st comment

Sony really needs to up their Macro selection. There needs to be something in the 150-200mm range with an f/3.4 or f/4 maximum aperture, and minimum 1:1 magnification.

Link | Posted on Jul 25, 2017 at 17:00 UTC as 9th comment

Stupid test. You say no, and it asks you where you think the photo was altered.

Whoever did that test is not very good at what they're trying to do.

Link | Posted on Jul 20, 2017 at 19:44 UTC as 154th comment | 7 replies

If P&G offers to pay for all uses, and ponies up evidence they have in good faith told him about their use, the most they'll have to pay is double the regular charge. No damages. If P&G is smart, they will put this behind them fast.

Link | Posted on Jul 19, 2017 at 19:05 UTC as 28th comment | 1 reply

So, who in their right mind pays $50k for a camera and then shoots jpegs?

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Pritzl: My issue with Apple is that, as a monopoly, you are at their mercy for both the software AND the hardware. On the one hand, this means better stability and integration. On the other, the price premium and arbitrary design decisions are hard to swallow. With a PC, sure some Windows releases were unmitigated disasters ( cough ME ) but by and large you at least have the illusion of being in control. E.g. I am still running Windows 7 on a PC I have built and upgraded once every 3-5 years for close to 15 years now for a fraction of the price it would have taken me to do the same in the Apple world.

The 90s called and want your arguments back.

And the Windows after 7 was another unmitigated disaster.

Link | Posted on Jul 18, 2017 at 03:26 UTC
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ybizzle: If you've bought a Mac, you paid too much.

If you bought a PC, you paid too much for what you got.

Link | Posted on Jul 18, 2017 at 03:24 UTC

MacOS. End of story for me. AppleScript and Photoshop have no equivalent on the PC. Javascript? Not the same. Not as easy. And it's not as universal with applications or the OS as AppleScript is.

And if the difference is $1,000 then the hardware is not equivalent. It doesn't take into consideration the integration of all the parts with the OS like a Mac has.

Many people prefer PCs, that's great. I'm just saying for me, what makes me stay is the technology, OS, and integration. And the smug PC users who call Macs toys. That's pathetic.

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Yeah, Nikon bragging about blowing away the competition in optics?

We're still waiting (with few exceptions.)

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J Parker: Some of us are hesitant about any lens that isn't auto focus.

A while back, I observed old footage of photographers shooting Muhammad Ali. Although all the photographers had were manual focus lenses, not only were they focusing at lightning speed, they were focusing as if the lens was a natural extension of their hands (think of a piano player playing hundreds of notes without looking at the keys). I realized that if you've handled, focused and adjusted a lens hundreds of times, the lens became so intuitive that you could literally compose and focus as if it were second nature.

Although I was pretty content with my AF glass, I decided to try shooting manual focus exclusively. At first it was an extremely slow process -- and then I crossed a point where without zone focusing, I could follow and shoot even rapidly moving subjects with no issues. Yes, I mean no missed shots.

Develop the skill and learn the nuances of a MF lens. It will take your photography to another level.

As a professional, who has shot MF since the beginning, and only came to AF years after becoming proficient to shoot sports, I can do the manual focus thing just fine.

But there's no way to keep up with AF on good cameras, like the D1X, D5, Olympus OMD E-M1 Mk II, Sony's new 7D. No way.

Don't get me wrong, it's good to learn to do it the old fashioned way, but it's certainly not going to make better photos, or give you more keepers. AF is better than all but the top savants who seem to intuit how to focus manually. They work for Sports Illustrated. And even they use AF these days.

Link | Posted on Jul 11, 2017 at 15:31 UTC
On article Domke F-803 and F-5XB review (71 comments in total)

This is a perfect example of why it's bad that everyone buys direct mail. It destroys camera stores where you can go and try out a good selection of bags directly.

Amazonification of photography has been a disaster.

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CameraLabTester: Bill Gates wasn't very happy when he learned that the Annual Reports of Microsoft were done on Macs for a number of years.

But he's not so annoyed anymore after buying into Apple shares after that personal revelation.

Ooops! Wrong forum...

Carry on, then...


That money was paid back and they didn't need it. It was money to prove sincerity in porting Office to Mac. Apple was in trouble, but $150 million was a drop in the bucket even then.

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Niko Tod: Every company is lying to a degree. If you think Samsung are honest... or LG...
Apple ads though with their clinical cleanness and brightness, also promote fakeness as a style, which is probably the worst element in their videos.

What are you smoking?

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Kilrah: "Yes, they were technically shot on those phones" Not even always the case as proven several times...

Funnily enough I've worked on such a shoot and SOME images were shot on the phone, but some from other cameras were mixed in too. And since the production company made no proper prior research to check whether mounting a phone on the intended "thing" was possible nor whether the phone's features were even at all capable of shooting what it was supposed to in the first place (hint: they weren't) it nearly ended being all lies.
I did drool a little when proposing a solution and getting the OK to root the sample phones from the representative of the manufacturer on location so that we could edit system parameters and use a couple of apps to work around the limitations and make the whole thing work at all.

I am skeptical of your claim. Which phone? Which production company?

Link | Posted on Jul 1, 2017 at 16:02 UTC

The problem with the premise of this article is the author does not know what was used. But one thing we know for sure, it was shot using an iPhone, so its sensor is what's in question. And we know it has a great lens. So the bottom line is, the answer is, we don't know what was used.

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DrSL: MacBook Pro again without SD card reader.... buy dongles to improve Apple revenues.

Oh please, Apple's going to make less money on dongles than they will on anything else they could possibly sell. Such accusations come from people who are not familiar with Apple's history of pushing the envelope. For example, forcing peripheral makers to go USB, while PC manufacturers would have been happy to let USB languish for a decade more than they already did. When did floppies no longer come as an option on PCs? Michael Dell was bragging about going with WIFI in all their laptops - a year after Apple did it. Apple doesn't always lead with new technologies, but they are not afraid to force changes that will benefit everyone. And the sooner the better. Currently, PC users are big beneficiaries of Apple because Thunderbolt 3 and USB-C are not being adopted en masse by PC makers following Apple's lead.

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mikey fried: I have a macbook pro and had to install windows 10 via bootcamp to run some software ( - so basically it works as a windows 10 pc). I've actually come to realise that it is so much faster running as a pc and windows 10 seems so refreshing and innovative compared the the tired old mac updates. Much more powerful pc options out there for considerably less money - so no more macs for me.

They only reason someone would say what you said is they are not very familiar with MacOS and much more familiar with Windows. So they think it's faster, more powerful. But that's nonsense.

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Henrikw: most importantly for those who use their computers for editing; is there an option for a matt screen or only a mirror?

No mirror. Stop spreading FUD.

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Peter von Reichenberg: OK Apple. Hackintosh for me this year.

As Apple users know, the background noise from Mac-haters is pretty much meaningless, full of alt-truths, and mostly sour grapes. But we hate to say it because people take it the wrong way. As they would be expected to. Once the facts are known by those who have tried, it would be hard to settle for Windows no matter how cheap the hardware is.

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DualSystemGuy: Still no 32GB option on the MBP
Still using DDR3 RAM
Kaby Lake processors are getting replaced in 1-2 months
Still no hardware calibration for the screens
Still no matte option for the screens, or touch screen option
Still no convenient port configuration

How they get people to pay the huge premiums for these things I don't understand anymore. It's one thing to like an OS an and a brand, which is totally fine, but how much are people willing to pay for old tech and average specs just so they can have an Apple? For the prices they are charging, at the very least they should be offering cutting edge specs and useful RAM configurations for today's professionals.

One thing you can't fault them for is their marketing - selling grossly overpriced hardware to people who don't do any research has been their specialty forever. It works and it makes them tons of money, so really who can blame them at the end of the day.

I'm hearing no complaints from the buyers. They are so popular that they have pushed Macs into growing numbers. Meanwhile Surface Pro sales have tanked 26 percent. Sure it would be great to have 32 gigs of memory. But until the next generation of RAM is ready (with the Kaby Lake replacements) the RAM is too power-hungry for 10 hours of power in such laptops. And developers, and video editors, are reporting RAM use is so efficient in these laptops that they throw everything that have at them and RAM simply doesn't fill up. The SSDs are so fast, and the RAM compression is so good that swapping out to storage causes no slow downs at all.

So maybe you just don't understand, because the hardware is better than you think, because Apple integrates everything. You can't do that with a Windows computer.

Link | Posted on Jun 6, 2017 at 19:46 UTC
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