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Don Karner: Why would we want to do this..... fun 40 years ago but now?

110 can actually deliver surprising results! As a matter of fact, 110 frame size (17mm x 13mm) is twice as large as super 16mm cine film (12.52mm x 7.41mm).

And let me tell you, super 16 looks absolutely beautiful:

Modern state of the art emulsion can resolve a surprising amount of detail. Film, lens, and (motion picture) scanner technology has advanced so much in the last few decades. Todays Filmmakers have access to much better equipment than many regular folks here ever have.

People’s repulsion towards 110 have probably more to do with the subpar technology available at that time.

Is it grainy? Sure! And thats probably the point. Vision3 cine film and the likes of Portra can blow the socks off 40 years old emulsion in terms of grain appearance. Its just more pleasing to look at. Dare I say beautiful. (sadly only consumer films are available for 110. Lomo 110 is probably just repackaged kodak gold).

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