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Threaded: Not sure why this being presented as a new product when it’s clearly just a rebadged variant of the Polaroid Snap - and “4pass” is just ZINK paper by another name.

Sad to see both Polaroid and Kodak reduced to this. Two of the biggest names in photography, simply reduced to marketing gimmicks for a low grade product.

Zink and 4-pass are DIfferent. 4-pass has paper cartridge with ink sheets, it's called 4-pass because you watch the paper go in and out of the machine 4 times, each time adding another colour layer (the last pass is to laminate); With Zink, the dyes are all impregnated into the paper beforehand, and a heated roller processes the paper. 4-pass has arguably the better reproductive quality, though I've found LG Zink machine w LG Zink paper matches/beats 4-pass. 4-pass images are also a little bigger - It's a small but noticeable difference, probably around +15-20% additional image area.

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zzzxtreme: hey cheaper than fuji and other printers. can I use this just as a printer ? load up my own jpeg in their app ? credit card size is perfect

Nearly all of the new gen Camera Printers allows you to transfer images From your smart phone To the Camera/Printer, making it a great portable printer as well. The only (electronic ie not fully mechanical) ones that don't are the original Polaroid Snap, and the new Fujifilm Instax Square SQ10.

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tokumeino: Really looks like the Polaroid Snaps. Do you think that the 4Pass Photo Paper is a synonym of Zink ?

Hope it will be availble for Xmas. My 6 years old daughter asked for a camera "but with paper".

No it's different technology. This 4-pass stuff is the same tech in Canon Selphy printers, and requires a cartridge with paper and ink. Zink the dye is IN the paper. I have a Selphy and a couple of Zink printers. The 4-pass is supposedly better reproductive quality, but I'd say they're pretty much neck-and-neck depending on brand - My LG Zink printer, using LG Zink paper, is more colour accurate than the Selphy. The 4-pass print size is a tiny but noticeably a bit bigger, it does make a difference in the pleasure derived from viewing the printed image. But that's why I'm waiting to check out how the Polaroid Pop with its 3x4" Zink prints fairs - reviews are a bit mixed at the moment, mostly regarding software/firmware/hardware reliability issues.

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Mike FL: For Samsung's P&S, the clock stopped @EX2F, it was not bad on paper; German lens + Japanese sensor, but it was not good comparing to Pana LX7.

EX2F was too rough even the build quality is good just liking NX1. NX1 makes Samsung finally to give up as there is no way to compete with others.

I always wanted the WB2000, but it's retail price was always ridiculous for the sensor-size.

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On article Throwback Thursday: the Samsung NV10 (78 comments in total)

I LOVED what Samsung attempted with their NV design language - and all those buttons (in the days before practical touchscreens)! They just never had the IQ to match the hardware - The number of times my fingers itched to press "buy" but was swayed to a Sony or Fuji due to IQ.... The closest I got was ordering a NV24 to pick up instore, but when I got there they only had a silver version which just wasn't as cool, and given the premium on the camera I wasn't going to settle. Later in life had a couple of WB travel-zoom models, and the NX10 , but they never stretched the envelope design-wise, not like the NVs.

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On article Throwback Thursday: Fujifilm F10 (123 comments in total)

Had the F31fd, still got it. Classic good looks, great photos (some purple fringing in bright, contrasty shots), happy making DR. Like to take it out of it's box every so often just to play with - Same with my X10 in fact - Both are very capable, tactile cameras that love being handled - Kudos to fuji designers!

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learningthegame: Looks cool.. I personally like the original square format though, do they make something similar?

Not as an attachment to your Motorola, but yes they do - Polaroid has the Pop which is a camera that prints out 3x4" prints w a 'polaroid border' ie a square image sits within that 3x4 - You can also link it to your mobile to print out shots from the phone.
Then there's the Polaroid Originals OneStep 2, new out that prints original-style polaroid films (at a cost). Then there's the Fuji Instax Square, and the Lomography Instant Square (that also uses the square instax film).

Out of all those "square format" choices, the Pop is the closest to answering your question.

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2eyesee: If the author is going to make the claim that this is "one more reason why smartphones will topple the mighty entry-level DSLR", it would have been nice to see some comparison shots - say from a Canon SL2/200D with kit lens.

Also, no mention of limitations of HDR modes. Presumably requiring multiple exposures means it can't cope with movement in the scene? If you're pretty much limited to static scenes - as in the examples shown - that makes it of pretty limited value for more smartphone users.

It's wonderful to see how well the Pixel 2 models push the limits - And perhaps their photo prowess will spread eventually, but right now the Vast majority of us, even those using top-bunk phones from this/last year still can't pull out the DR that something w even a "less-small" sensor can - My S7 edge camera is superb, has always-on auto-HDR, still won't match a 3 year old Fuji XQ1 in challenging lighting. So, right now, it looks like the new Pixel range can perform miracles w DR, and low light. Probably no other phone can say the same for both (BTW best low-light performance I've seen to date? An Oppo R7 plus with the IMX278 sensor - bonkers ISO 3200 shots viewable on a 37" screen without distress, kid you not).

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TheWhiteDog: Neat! I have the Fuji SP-2 Instax printer for my phone, this is even better.

They all have their uses - Zink-based printers like the HP Sprocket and the LG Popo and Polaroid Zip have distinct capabilities that are separate from the instax format. Initial outlay cost, cost per print, size of print, colour accuracy, speed of realising usable print....All points go to the Zink printers here. Saying that, I have both a zink printer and an instax Camera (as opposed to printer) and both get regular use, just not in the same circumstances.

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Corkcampbell: Surprised it doesn't support the iPhone, considering the market of those who can afford and buy that phone. I'm just going by what was written here and am assuming the support will be added later. If so, I'll get one.

There's a prynt model designed specifically for a number of the iphone models. In the Apple store (until recently at least) there's also a standalone Zink printer specifically for iPhones. So that market is covered.

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Can see the design flaw right away - The print comes out over the lens - Zink isn't instantaneous, there 20 secs of whirring and thinking before it starts to print out *slowly*. That's Fine, except if you're on a snap-happy roll you might be taking shots whilst an emerging print obscures the lens, or you have to wait until it's finished printing, affecting any spontaneity.

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Dee Fitch: umm...no thanks. too small. let us know when you make 4x4".

Well polaroid now also has the Pop - prints out 3x4" which is halfway there - Has own camera or you can connect your phone via bluetooth. I have the prev gen GL50 3x4" printer and 3x4 is a great size for sharing and scrapbooks.

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Ed Ingold: What use is a printer dedicated to a phone? I use a Canon Selphy dye-sub printer, which connects to a smart phone by WiFi, and is AirPrint capable. It can be battery powered for complete mobility, and I can use it from any room in the house, from any iOS device or computer. It makes 4x6 borderless prints.

There's a Kodak/Skymall pocketable dye-sub printer that creates slightly (but noticeably) larger prints, with better results. Again, it's half the price of the Moto Mod.

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On article Yashica is teasing a comeback to the camera market (299 comments in total)
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Gorpalm: Love my two Electros! Beautiful hardware, tack sharp glass, hope they manage some weight reduction on any new camera!

Oh looking at the video again, there's one part where she's looking down at the camera to adjust the settings rather than through the rangefinder... A clue to a (possible) tlr body? Who knows, she's also smoking, which is probably apropos to nothing lol.

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On article Yashica is teasing a comeback to the camera market (299 comments in total)

Love my two Electros! Beautiful hardware, tack sharp glass, hope they manage some weight reduction on any new camera!

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sapple: Same thought on my end. 2 dollars per photo is too high. I want my instant film below the 50 cent mark.

Well I managed to pick up instax mini packs of 20 shots in HK for the equivalent of 56c each, so we're nearly there. Zink 2x3 also works out around 50c per sheet, with a bit of hunting.

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On article iPhone X: What you need to know (418 comments in total)
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coyot3: The day i get a interchangeable lens smartphone that will be the day that ill dump my camera.

I use a Samsung S7 edge, great DXO Mark rating etc etc. I use it with the samsung lens case, comes supplied with two beautifully made screw-in-to-case lenses - A 21mm wide and a 2.1(?) zoom. LOVE the wide.

Ztylus also makes a case/lens combo for both Samsung and Apple (bonus they include a CPL lens), and they have two lens quality grades - the primes are for the serious phone-photo folks! Heck I think Zeiss makes a similar set-up to Samsung's, but for Apple only.

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Azathothh: Meh i'll just stick with my 3 year old Android phone that cost 10 times less...

Hey Rensol amazing tech for low mid-range pricing well done! What made you pick the G5 over say the LG V20?

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tinternaut: I've written before that something like one of these would be nice to have when wandering the streets of any of the African cities I occasionally visit. People often ask to have their photo taken - it would be nice to give them something.

That said, this seems rather pricey for what it is.

The HP or LG Zink printers are great - Cheap, light, fun, better resolution than Instax - Tweak the jpegs before printing if you want the richer saturation and contrast you get w Instax. The best the bunch has to be the Kodak mini-printer - same tech as the Canon Selphy mentioned above, printing out 2.2x3.5cm prints. Best reproduction out of the bunch.

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Clyde Thomas: "...the poster is a technicolor mishmash of disparate elements from the movie, thrown together with gleeful disregard for scaling or uniform lighting".


"veteran illustrator Tommy Lee Edwards explains what probably went through the designer's mind"

So Tommy is also a mind reader.

Not an expert, but quite comfortable saying this poster has got very little to do with the rustic aesthetic so beloved by the Japanese. But I think I know where you might be coming from - We may need to think to a different scale - This would probably work as a 75 foot high billboard where's there's enough spatial separation between each object.

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