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DtEW: "Free" content whose format is easier for businesses to advance their agenda from (gear reviews!) drowns-out/starves higher-minded "free" content whose format is harder for businesses to advance their agenda from.

Sadly, not a surprise.

And yet you post here.

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KubeKube: The prices at this Farmer's Market blew my mind away. I thought New York was expensive :)

Tell me about it. I'm a Bay Area guy, quite used to high prices, but I had to draw the line at the $18 chocolate bar at Pike Place...

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On article Throwback Thursday: the dual-lens Kodak EasyShare V570 (21 comments in total)

Never owned or used the Kodak, so no opinions for me to share.

But for a future TBT here, I would LOVE (even as a Canon man) to see a retrospective on the Nikon D1, seeing that it was the camera that created the entire modern DSLR market as we know it.

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Years from now, I'd love to see Cosina or some other OEM shave costs everywhere and produce a just-good-enough (sorta like the old Tamron 28-75mm zoom), and more-than-cheap-enough, camera in this vein - light, tough, simple, 35mm and f/2.8.

Full-frame digital this cheap may be a pipe dream, but I'm allowed to dream...

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You misspelled "Barnack" ...

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Had the Mavica FD-87 for a year in 2002; it was already obsolete but I wasn't yet a photographer and I needed something for my first reporter gig.

Could not believe how *slow* that shutter was. For giggles, while covering practice for a high school girls soccer team, I tried several times to get shots of the goalkeeper making saves.

Didn't get the keeper - or the ball - in the frame *once*.

Finally her mom sidles over and just says knowingly, "More dog-tail pictures, son?" :-P

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Canon user (put down the pitchforks 😉) thinking aloud, because choice is good...

Given that Pentax discontinued whole swaths of its lens catalog in 2004 - how much more optimistic would you Pentaxians feel about the platform if some of those lenses were revived? Say, primes at 24/2, 35/2, 50/1.4, 85/1.4 and 300 2.8? (Seems that Pentax now has the three 2.8 zooms covered already, thanks to Tamron.)

With those five pre-2004 primes, the existing Limited primes, and three zooms, does that cover most of what you'd want to shoot? Curious to know your thoughts. 😊

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Old Cameras: Well it's someone's commentary on the modern world. I just want the inventors to have to get real jobs and do something productive, right after they're water boarded. Just a little.

Why only just a little?

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iShootWideOpen: Buy now and we'll throw in a free Otus 55mm.

Now *that's* a promotion I can get behind. :-)

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Dear Hasselblad marketing department:

Meth is bad. Just stop it already.

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My checkbook would have been a lot safer if this had come in for the four-figure price I expected.

Now? Well ... I'll have to avoid creating 800 imaginary dollars (read: more credit card debt) that I'll talk myself into having. ;-)

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