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Favorable Exponynt: Windows 95, windows 98 SE, Windows ME, Windows Vista, They are now testing windows 7 for space use :p. Why don't they have a gopro?

I think ISS use a Linux based OS; maybe a version of Ubuntu or Debian...

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Just tried View NX-i for the third time (its been updated) & still when you had your copyright info & GPS data into your NEF file; Lightroom doesn't recognise the info unlike View NX 2 which has no problem. I always import my NEF files into View NX2 for the soul purpose of embedding my copyright & GPS data into the files...
Back to View NX2; lucky it still recognises my D750...

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DPREview, when giving specifications for video, give us the PAL equivalents as well please?

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Knight Palm: Previous Samsung models doesn't do compressed raw format. Therefore their raw files are humongous. It's about time to start compressing their raw files, since all other competitors do!

@Knight Palm
Don't worry about the 25 fps spec missing, they always advertise the NTSC versions, don't forget, we don't exist outside of North America...

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Nikonworks: Will the sensor smear high ISO JPEG images in the NX20 as the same sensor does in the NX200 as reported in DPReview's review of the NX200?

I hope not. This is what may make me wait rather than my intended pre-order.

Trey Ratcliffe has a NEX-7 & he loves it!

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Thomas Karlmann: I am trusting that the Templates in Book creation are stated here as fixed, uneditable. I'll wait for a version that allows far better than this. I will never use a "fixed" template

Is printing available to anyone outside of the U.S, you know; "the rest of the world"?

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