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Well, if it is for studio why did theu put GPS and they talk about moving subject shooting? For sure seeing its price I do not even bother thinking about how good/bad could be for me, but yet it seems a camera designed more by marketing than by engineers and photogrphers.

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That is a kamikaze move, probably it is the only way they could come up with in order to stay in business. But the interview just shows that Hasselblad has no real arguments to defend its strategy.

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What a piece of c***

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Wow, 2800$ ? It looks nice. Maybe lens is really good. Maybe it appeals people that are very much into street photography? But otherwise it is just a huge price.
I value "pocketability", but honestly for that price I can get a reflex + one or two very good lenses.

I guess this kind of camera is for pro or rich amateurs... and maybe it has more appeal on Japan/asiatic market.

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Cool. Maybe it is just a matter of time for camera and phones to become the same thing :)

The only doubt is the price... since it can't make phone calls I wouldn't spend more than 200euros on that, even if I guess many people will give higher value to this device.

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Cool, but price is too high

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No wonder they are selling the cool lens not in a kit... Obviously mirrorless are the novelty and comanies are willing to extract as much value as they can from it.

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Maybe instead of keeping trying with phones Nokia should start selling cameras :)

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Design and IQ are good. Yet it is a bit too expensive in my opinion. I would either buy a premium compact (which fits in my pocket and I can really have always with me) or a DSLR (which is way bigger but more flexible).

Maybe 22mm is good for street photography, but honestly not being a pro I would trade lower image quality for a zoom.

Having a big sensor and a good lens on a compact is all what one enthusiast needs (even if not many example of such a camera are available). I do not see any point in being able to mount a pro lens on a camera like that.

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Touchscreen is just what should be done. I guess in a few years most DSLR will have touchscreen. It is just so easy to use (providing it is well implemented, but I guess camera manufacturers have higher quality standards than many smartphone makers:)).

High ISO performance seems good compared to my old 400D and this is good news since Canon sensors are not the best.

On the other hand I have the feeling that Canon is somewhat lagging in comparison to innovations other manufacturers are carrying on. Entry level DSLR will probably give the way to compacts in a few years. I personaly do not care that much of video making.

I will just wait some years before buying a new camera. And then I will seriously consider selling my few Canon lens to switch brand.

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The camera market is all about market segmentation... Wifi is for free in cheap camera and costs too much for professional cameras...

Beside that, wifi is just cool to transfer images without operating clumsy usb calbles :)

On the other hand would be much cooler to have just one thing (even if a little more chunky) that does beautiful photos, can make phone calls and allows you to play angry birds :)

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...And a bunch of flies :)

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How was the last picture made? I guess it is almost impossible to get the fly in the reght posiyion, spry it with water and capture it.

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