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I once posted on a Canon forum that a set of high quality pancake lenses, a la Pentax, would be a useful addition to the DSLR lineup. The Voigtlander 40mm f2 is great on the 5D Mark II, turning it into something vaguely non-chunky. My query was met with dismissal and jokes about pancakes, although I did get an affirming private message in response.

A few years later, Canon introduces the 40mm f2.8. Meanwhile, numerous pancake lenses are being produced by other companies to keep weight and bulk down.

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Jeremy Park: can't imagine tilting on a monopod would be much use for video unless you are out to sea on a boat trying to find level?

Consider forwards/backwards/ tilt with a monopod as a dolly in/on. It works surprisingly well for short pushes or pulls. Combine that with a fluid head and you can 'draw' the camera over the top of something, too. The movements created with a panning and tilting monopod with fluid head are wide and varied.

Also, a tilting base means that you can firmly place the monopod on uneven/slanted ground.

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funtimes: Is this a good lens for real estate interior photography? Or is 12mm just way too wide and stretched?

I've shot real estate on a 16-35, which is just about right. 18-21 is a good range. Wider than 16mm and it can give an unrealistic idea of the size of the room. Which, on the other hand, might be just what the agent wants.

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JackM: Any replacement for the X100 should be able to fit in a loose pocket like the X100 just barely does, like in cargo shorts. I'm not sure any of the MILC options do...?

Another plus one for the Pana GM1. I'm regularly delighted by the quality and versatility of such as small camera, provided you have the right lenses. The GM1 and a few tiny primes is all I need for a day out. And as @impulses says, it gets by security who are looking for 'professional cameras' without a second look.

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Franz Weber: Please forgive me for being uninformed. What is the main advantage of the Leafshutter?

Leaf shutters tend to be more quiet than mechanical shutters, and they can be synced with flash at much higher shutter speeds.

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This is the kind of thought experiment and comparison that I love to make, albeit as a way to dissuade myself from spending yet more money on gear. As I already have a X100 (original) and Ricoh GR, it's easy for me to compare them with other gear I have lying around.

GM1 + Pana 14/2.5 or Oly 17/1.8:

The 14/2.5 is a bit soft compared with the GR and even the X100, but has higher dynamic range and much more shallow DoF than a small sensor cam like the GRD series or LX7. The GM1 files respond really well in Lightroom, too.

The Oly 17/1.8 is easily comparable to the Fuji X100, IMO, and is a good choice if you want a m43 equivalent to that camera. It doesn't focus quite a close, but it completely lacks the soft glow of the X100 wide open.

The only issue is the handling, where the X100 sits really nicely in the hand and GM1/5 is small and a bit fiddly.

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The_WB: FlashPath by FujiFilm, used on my old Quantex Pentium 100 system back in 2000. This old computer was great, but running Win 95 with NO USB and using a serial cable through Picture Shuttle was worse than waterboarding! 8 Megs of pics, I could have dinner and drinks before the job was done.

Thank goodness we progressed to what we have today. Old days, like these are long forgotten and let's keep it that way!

Yeah, what 'good old days' are they talking about? The days of when cameras wrote files to a floppy disc? Or took five seconds to focus?

My only desire for the 'good old days' of digital photography was when I only had one camera, which made everything simple. Now I have loads of cameras and lenses which actually makes it more difficult to decide what to take with me at any given time. While the versatility of a lot of gear is great, it's also a hassle to think about which camera and lens is going to work for the potential situations I'm going to shoot later.

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This article seems to be missing the part about getting a date with the 1D Mark II.

We need this part of the story.

For science.

Please deliver.

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rob579: Always these cameras are great as "backup" cameras. What if I don't have a backup camera? Are these good enough for my only camera, or must I buy a more expensive camera just to be to be safe?

It depends on your expectations and threshold for performance, and how you compare things. A Canon 5D Mark III with equivalent lens is going to take better looking pictures than a Sony RX100 whatever. But is the image quality and operation of the RX100 good enough for your purposes?

I own a number of full frame and aps-c cameras, and yet, my everyday cameras are the Panasonic LX7 and GM1. While they don't give image quality like a 5D Mark II or Leica M9, their output is more than acceptable to me, and the convenience of carrying two very small cameras outweighs larger, heavier and chunkier.

So yes, you could easily use any one of those cameras as primary, as long as you understand their limitations and are happy with that.

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Man, this was an absolute beast when it was released. Being the first full frame DSLR after the Konica Minolta acquisition, it was as if Sony had packed everything they could into it to make their mark.

Idea for a future Throwback Thursday:

Canon S series, including the S30, S40 and S45 sliding lens cover cameras. The S line clamshell design stopped with the S80, and then the pocket sized S90 took its place. Or how about the Canon 1D? That was a beast back in the day, too.

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Franz Weber: This is a typical example, why Canon lags behind the competition. Ancient technology again and again. Feels like the groundhog day

Next thing you know, Canon will have a camera called the EOS Elan.

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Zoom Zoom Zoom: It's just hysterical!

We live in a world completely paranoid, nuts & obsessed about resolution & sharpness, where 1080p is old news, 4K already not good enough, 8K is brewing everywhere & even 16K is already also news.. AND.. Leica is releasing what will probably be THE most expensive lenses anywhere in the world money can buy in their categories, stating that "they havent targeted critical sharpness or resolution power". Then I guess they are "targeting" morons with money to spare that will attach these to the some of the ever-higher performing/resolving cinema camera bodies on the market & then play around with "the look that many cinematographers search for by using older lenses with digital sensors" later to be sharpened & corrected in post.

For the look of "old" lenses, there are thousands amazing & GORGEOUS vintage lenses to choose from at fractions of cents for the dollar of these Leica masterpieces that via adapters can fit into anything!

You have got to be f....g joking me!

@Mistral75 - the cinema and gear geek in me thrills to the thought of Panavision owning darkened vaults filled with rack and racks of lenses. After each production, a lone tech wheels a box of lenses down a long aisle filled with such boxes, like the end scene in Indiana Jones.

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Tomasz_Wk: I don't get this lens. Why not à Voigtlander 25mm f4 instead. It's small and well made.

There are alternatives to just about every lens in both lower and higher price brackets. Why buy a Zeiss Otus when you can buy a Canon 50L? Or why buy an Otus instead of a Sigma 50mm Art?

Funnily, I have a CV 24/4P, and it's a great little lens.

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princecody: Good for him. He's technically sound but vastly overrated in my Expert opinion-even borderline arrogant @ times. Nevertheless he could become the future Asian Ken Rockwell 🤔

The codytroll could easily have said, 'another Ken Rockwell'. Instead, he drew attention to Ming's race. This is not racist in itself, as racism involves dislike and discrimination based on race, and misattribution of negative traits to a given race. That was not present in the codytroll's words, so I will reconsider my comment:

princecody is a troll who thrives on the responses to his poorly conceived throwaway comments. I should know better by now than to respond to his blather.

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On article Ming Thein joins Hasselblad as Chief of Strategy (346 comments in total)

This is fantastic for Ming, although I do wonder what a Chief of Strategy at a camera company would do, and what Ming's exact duties will be. What kind of macro level decisions and directions will he be making?

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princecody: Good for him. He's technically sound but vastly overrated in my Expert opinion-even borderline arrogant @ times. Nevertheless he could become the future Asian Ken Rockwell 🤔

"Expert opinion". And you call Ming borderline arrogant? You're so far over the border, DPR needs a giant fence to keep you out.

"Asian Ken Rockwell." And racist, to boot.

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coody: Is he from Japan?

Malaysia, dude. Malaysia.

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ogl: There are a lot of dials and buttons, but no direct control for Shake Reduction. Why?

You shake the camera. Simples.

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In 2009, I met a guy on a Blue Mountains walking track outside of Sydney. He had a big Nikon DSLR and the Leica version of the LX3 with the lens adapter tube. He said it was perfect for macro photography, and liked using it for that purpose more than the Nikon.

At that time, the LX3 had really captured my imagination with its multi aspect ratio switching and fast lens, but it wasn't until 2013 that I bought the LX7. This has since become one of my favourite cameras, and I often use it as an always-with-me camera in lieu of anything larger. I adore how wide the 24mm lens is at 16:9, and I hope that Panasonic continues the multi aspect ratio feature in upcoming models.

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Mark Zed: When this came out this was the travel camera of choice among lightweight travellers in the local photography group I was in.
I remember giving a lift to the airport to one of the guys flying out for a week in Vietnam and his entire luggage was less than the shoulder bag full of my DSLR + 3 lenses (with another body and 2 more lenses in the backpack)that I usually traveled with.
His entire luggage, clothes, ,flip-flops, laundry-bag... oh yeh and camera, was literally a the smallest Lowe Pro stealth reporter bag.
But the photos that came back with him were stunning... While I didn't buy one it was fundamental to me buying a Lumix GF1 + 20mm pancake lens a year later and when I travel I still shoot with that lens, just on a GF3 or a GX7 body, and I doubt I'll ever lug the DSLR on to a plane, train or an auto rickshaw ever again anymore.

I love this story. Traveling with minimal gear like that is so enjoyable.

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