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Clyde Thomas: Nat Geo covers are small.

Space is big. Really big. You just won't believe how vastly, hugely, mind-bogglingly big it is. I mean, you may think it's a long way down the road to the chemist, but that's just peanuts to space.

RIP Douglas Adams.

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RED Epic Dragon in raw mode, fast shutter rate, pull stills from the raw video file. Job done.

But the model is very impressive. She's practiced those moves thousands of times and moves with almost robotic precision.

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On article Throwback Thursday: Canon IXUS 50 / SD400 Digital ELPH (62 comments in total)

Thank you again for another Throwback Thursday. It's always fun to read the experiences of using it at the time, and the surrounding contexts.

Prior to getting the S45, I always had an IXUS/SD in mind as my first digital camera. But the S45 seemed like a better idea at the time, so I got one at the end of 2002. A year or so later, a friend got the SD400 and took numerous photos, including surreptitious images at a bucks party involving a stripper. As much as everyone has a cellphone today, it's not as easy to take sneaky snaps in such situations with a cellphone.

Many family members went on to buy Canon IXUS/SD cameras, and later, cameras like the S90, S95, S100 etc. Canon had a huge reach in the compact market of those times.

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On article Canon PowerShot Pro1 Review (6 comments in total)
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Barney Britton: First.

Second (to reply to your first).

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BBQue: Had the photographer set the camera to "continues shooting mode" before handing it to the monkey and triggered the release, or used a remote release, there would be no legal battle. It's totally silly and irrelevant in my opinion, whether the monkey pressed the button or not. But then I am not a lawyer, thank God!

It is a sad day, when PETA completely goes overboard and destroys a human being, all in the name of "animal's copyrights" (which don't even exist). What's next? Do we have to ask animals for consent to have their pictures taken at the zoo?

Or money, either. How much of PETA's donation money went to pay the lawyers??

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yanisha: Photos taken with self-timer not owned by photographer?
Photos and videos taken from a drone not owned by photographer?
Photos triggered by movement, etc. not owned by photographer?

Probably many more.

Photographer 4: Rise of the Cameras

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Ionian: I can only imagine how much this must be costing PETA to pay their corporate lawyers to pursue this case. Well, those of you who donate to PETA, at least you know where your money is going.

Yes! Why on earth would PETA sue the photographer on behalf of the macaque?? What could they possibly gain... oh yeah, publicity.

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"Fan Edition" meaning that it now has a fan to prevent it from overheating and exploding in flames.

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The Squire: It better do 8K RAW or I'm out.

I'm sure it can. In stills.

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On article Hot mess: Remembering the Leica M8 (155 comments in total)

Thank you for the M8 retrospective. Eleven years have just slipped by, haven't they.

In the throes of M9 release fever, I was considering a secondhand M8 as a much cheaper alternative. I'm glad I still went with the M9 as it allowed me to use all my M lenses at their designed focal length.

But it was surprising some time later, when shooting a M8.2, to discover how good the image quality was, and how well the lenses performed. A 28mm gained a perspective that sometimes felt like a 40mm, and sometimes like something wider. It was very pleasant and versatile.

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On article Hot mess: Remembering the Leica M8 (155 comments in total)
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ZeroGravitas: What is the point in these cameras?

Appropriate for an internet nickname of ZeroGravitas to ask a question of no importance.

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On article Hot mess: Remembering the Leica M8 (155 comments in total)
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tedolf: I often wonder why someone doesn't make an m4/3 rangefinder with three lenses, 14mm, 20mm and 42.5mm. The lenses largely already exist, at least optically. All you would have to do is add a manual helicoid. You could use the GM-5 body as a mule. Focus confirmation could be by an led with phase detect focusing sensors reflected off the shutter?


It's an interesting idea but perhaps not necessary. Rangefinder style cameras already exist in m43 including the Panasonic GX8, GX85, and the Olympus Pen F. The lenses already exist, albeit autofocus. An optical rangefinder is a surprisingly costly mechanical exercise and requires care and occasional calibration.

I see cameras like the Pana GX85 as being the current equivalent of a film rangefinder, especially with a few small primes. But an actual rangefinder that uses a four thirds sensor? A cool idea, but I don't think the rangefinder market will support it.

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On article Report: Ricoh announcing cost cuts in face of crisis (326 comments in total)
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sunilkumar: i wish they launch gr3...i was waiting from past 2 years....i love that camera

Wait, so you were waiting for the GR III at the time that the GR II was released? You're thinking ahead a bit much.

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On article Through the lens of black women photographers (203 comments in total)
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graybalanced: Some of these comments remind me of when someone tweets "Why do we have a Black History Month? Why don't we get to have a White History Month?"

The answer, of course, is obvious to everyone else, but since it isn't obvious to the clueless tweeter, it's spelled out for them in 200 replies from people saying "Because every month IS ALREADY White History Month!!!"

Same principle applies here.

I see no problem with this article, and I would find it as interesting as an article on cowboy photographers or Eskimo photographers. Heck, I'd like to see an article on actual Cuban photographers, as a counterpoint to the trendy thing today where so many Americans etc. want to go to Cuba and photograph how it is before all the American etc. visitors ruin all the original charm :)

Interesting to note that the origin of that quote was Morgan Freeman. The larger context of his quote was something like:

"We don't need Black History Month. Is there a White History Month? How can my history be relegated to only a month? What about you? (addressing the Jewish interviewer) Should there be a Jewish History Month? If it's going to be about addressing race, we need to stop talking about it. Stop using the words black and white. You're going to stop calling me a black man. And I'm going to stop calling you a white man."

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Hugo808: I still miss the robot.

Yeah, bring back the robot!

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Back in 2004, I was attending a number of sporting events and tournaments, and thought it would have been good to get a superzoom. The Canon of that time was high on the list. To this day, I still don't have a superzoom, although I've shot many events and athletic meets with Canon DSLR's and Panasonic/Olympus m43 bodies.

For future Throwback Thursdays, perhap you could dig into the realm of very early digital cameras, like Fuji's 'upright' models like the MX 700. I never understood the upright vertical design of these cameras.

Other options include the first Ricoh GR Digital, the Sigma DP1 (which I still own and love), or the old Sony Cybershot designs from the early 2000's like the DSC P1. There are some cool Konica Minolta cameras from the early 2000's, too.

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On article Throwback Thursday: The Canon PowerShot G3 (95 comments in total)

My first digital camera was from 2002, and it was toss-up between the G3 and the smaller S45. My cousin had the G2, and was having a ball with it, which inspired me to get a camera, too. In the end, I got the S45 because it was slightly cheaper, and much smaller. This was the better choice, as it enabled me to carry the camera almost anywhere, compared with a larger camera that would have needed a bag or shoulder strap. Having the S45 started my entire digital photography odyssey which has become both passion and profession over the years. But the G3 always looked like a great camera.

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oldfashioned: And the target? Amateurs? So the camera comes with a script, actors , a director, lighting, focus puller ,a couple of operators to push the amateur and everything on rails back and forth for instant Hollywood big hits like the guys pretending to be sport professionals at the a9 lensless little show?
Video marketing shows no mercy. Still crazy mad for the loss of the 8-9k amateur segment. They want it back. They study how much money they can get from each amateur and sell the same things over and over until mom gets enough of it and cuts the fund that supposed to be for college

This camera has specs and price point that places it firmly in competition with the Sony FS5 and FS7, not to mention the old Canon C300 and Mk II.

C100 and C300 owners looking to upgrade can benefit from these specs without having to pay the extra money for a C300 Mk II plus CFast cards.

DSLR shooters who are ready for a proper large sensor cinema camera will now have access to Varicam colour science, at less than half the price of a Varicam LT, half the weight, and half the memory cost.

Doc shooters on GH cameras will benefit from much better high ISO and Varicam colour.

VICE documentaries were originally shot on the C300 and C100, and now they are shot on Sony FS5 and FS7. The EVA1, with 4k oversampled from 5.7k, is likely to have better image quality, not to mention all the bells and whistles of the Sony FS cameras.

Panasonic have finally come to the party in this price range, and this camera looks very promising, indeed.

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FLruckas: So when are they going to put this sensor in SLRs....

Get over that silly m4/3 stuff.....

And give us the next version of an NX1????

We know they can do it.....

Just kidding....

Well sort of....


Who knows...

Well, maybe...

I don't know...

And who would...?



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FLruckas: Hmmm....
We'll have to see how good the internal raw really is.....
Interesting that it's already supported in Resolve...

Price is high....

But still could give Blackmagic a run for it's money....

Big pluses...
Dual pixel autofocus
Low light....


Electronic ND if it has it isn't as reliable....

I wonder if any of the CF to SSD breakout boxes will work with it.


Canon Color VS Blackmagic color etc....

Hopefully I'll get to see one in a few days...

When you think about it...

We already know...

Who FLruckas really ... is ...

FLruckas is ... William Shatner

Famous for the Shatner...


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