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Keytsa: 4 AA Batteries option and I'm buying it no matter what... If not, I'll pass and stick to my K-50 'till i ran out of repair parts. :-))

4AA batteries 6v, K3's battery 7.4v.

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Michael Ma: Nice...this is something new that looks very useful.

Only for fast-forward (time lapse) effects though

The theory could be that if you had 250fps original footage you would be then be able to produce real time footage.

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On article Exposing sharks in a positive light (62 comments in total)

Great shots there, fascinating creatures.

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So just like Pentax's SP coating that they have been using since '07

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Greg Gebhardt: But will it run my Windows software? I tried their latest and greatest and it installed quickbooks just fine but when I tried to open my 250gb company file, it brought the Surface Pro 2 to it's knees.

I would very much like to replace my notebook with this but will it do what I need?

Well on my Surface Pro (classic) I have worked on a PSD file that finished up at 3.2 gigabytes and it kept on running.

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Resom: Waiting for the Ricoh K-3. I know, some people saying, that only fix lens cameras getting the "Ricoh" label, but why?

I thought that all cameras getting the Pentax label.

It could also mean, that Ricoh try to separate it, to sell the "Pentax" part and having fun with compact cameras, which is still Ricohs strength.

The next news will be "Ricoh release a FF GR" and "Pentax cameras having still APS-C, because it good enough".

Pentax has become like EOS, Alpha ect.

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Impulses: Anyone have any experience using mSD cards in an SD adapter on a regular camera? Would they still operate at their rated speed? I've noticed the market's starting to turn and the same capacity mSD card is now often cheaper (albeit usually slower) than SD, the speeds are getting close too.

I have used them, the adaptor that Sandisk include with their cards is, as far as I can tell, transparent as far as transfer speeds go.

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On article Photoshop Express available for Windows 8 tablets (10 comments in total)

Hey Adobe how about Lightroom for Windows RT tablets?

As an aside, Datacolour how about an app for Windows RT as well.

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Fotonaut: Copyright laws should be scrapped in their entirety. I hope someday future people will look back in disbelief at this intellectual failure just like we look at those who supported slavery or blasphemy laws.

"Intellectual property" = "dark matter" = all the moronic things people conceive when unable to deal with reality.

Really really sad how much otherwise productive energy is wasted on this nonsense.

Why is it so unreasonable for people to be compensated for their efforts.

I assume you are a person whom is employed, imagine a scenario where you work all week, and then at the end of it someone else takes credit for your efforts and they get paid not you.

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On article Canon significantly improves EOS 7D with firmware v2 (296 comments in total)
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lukx: It's good feeling that the camera we bought is so good they after 3 years Canon though that it doesn't need better hardware and only software adjustments !

With the Pentax K5 they issues a firmware update that increased the buffer from from around 8 shots to 22 shots, apparently this was achieved by compressing the RAW data before it went into the buffer instead of when it came out of the buffer, so maybe canon have done something similar.

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