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the web plumber: Respect the man for his passion and the effort he's obviously put in, but I won't be buying a book where the cover is so clearly wrong. West Asia has a picture of a Kirghiz or Kazakh which are most definitely not from west Asia and Central Asia has a picture of an Indian on the cover - again, completely wrong. It's almost like he's gone to all the trouble of compiling these books and then let someone who knows nothing about the subject design the covers.

Central Asia has a picture of one of the Saddhus at Pashupatinath. Not Indian, but close.

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On article Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark IV review (931 comments in total)
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ennemkay: cannot take dpr seriously as an objective actor saying the flip screen is the biggest addition. the sensor is obviously the biggest addition. dxomark gives scores it higher than many aps-c sensors. dpr are such effing shills for sony and canon, it's disgusting.

For the target audience, the flip screen is the biggest addition.

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backayonder: Next time you go and have a Colonoscopy you will still be shooting with an Olympus

Lets hope they don't go with medium format.

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On article Nokia allegedly working on 5-camera smartphone (135 comments in total)

How about one camera that works well.

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Before they be brave they need to get the size of those lenses down.

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These "teasers" make less and less interested. Stop the marketing BS Nikon.

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midiman312: For those of you not in tune with Line's presence in East Asia... Line is the most popular messenger in Japan, Thailand and Taiwan. People spend BIG bucks on Line merchandise. I bet this drone will do well. DJI is not trying to sell these Line drones to Americans or Europeans. Whether this is actually worthy of being mentioned on DPReview... that's another matter.

This will be a best seller in Asia.

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On article Review: Palette modular photo editing system (141 comments in total)

They will make minimal money, if any, with this.

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On article Fujifilm's XF10 is a small, wide-angle APS-C compact (866 comments in total)
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Joseph K Boston: 500 bucks and I don’t even have on-lens filter thread? Pass.

No you don't and asking this tells me this camera wasn't made for you.

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On article Fujifilm's XF10 is a small, wide-angle APS-C compact (866 comments in total)
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Son of Thunder: I don't believe this is the X70 replacement as much as the X70 version of the non x-tran line. It is missing some of the features of a premium compact but it is cheaper than any premium compact I can think of

Its as close as an x70 replacement is going to get.

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On article Fujifilm's XF10 is a small, wide-angle APS-C compact (866 comments in total)
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(unknown member): They forgot the finder.

No, I'm sure it wasn't forgotten.

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On article Fujifilm's XF10 is a small, wide-angle APS-C compact (866 comments in total)
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(unknown member): No evf ,so didn't even read the first paragraph.


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(unknown member): Good Bye to the bottom of the Barrel of Cameras and Poor Quality Lenses...

Here are the results...DXO ..How can a new Lens today get a 6 for a score and a 3 for sharpness? This is truly embarrassing...a Freaking 3 in sharpness..I can cover my 50 Art Lens with Mud..and get a sharper picture! Lol.


The equally Cameras never ventured above 53! If you shoot with a camera that only scores a 53 and ur lenses for tha lousy camera system only scores a 6...You cannot be taken serious. You are no clue on here w a Lenses or Cameras Work.


You don't take many pictures do you?

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On article Kodak distances itself from failed Bitcoin scheme (83 comments in total)

Jesus H Christmas ...just die already Kodak.

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Marty4650: Can your iphone do this?

I didn't think so.

No, but ...was going to state a pocket statement here ...but this thing may have other advantages when in your pocket.

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lawny13: I was looking for a camera for my 4 year old. Didn’t want to actually pick up one of those “cheap” kids cameras that don’t actually last long, and eventually gets forgotten. Tried to find something that would survive a kid and be the perfect camera for my wife (and occasionally myself) to take along in a carefree manner... enter tough waterproof cams.

As I said... for a kid and adults so the TG-5 is too expensive, and the Fuji only does jpeg. Then I saw this, and found it for $500, which is also too high (TG-5 high). NOTE: the price included the underwater case. With the flash addon packaged in being 700, I hope the case is actually 200 and the camera 300.

But for the life of me I can’t find the camera only!!

Anyone know if the camera can be had body only??

The battery is no good without a charger, or possibly a usb to plug into the camera.

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On article SeaLife DC2000 sample gallery (153 comments in total)
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Mike FL: This thing has NO any kind of IS, and 1" sensor is only about 2+ stops advantage over Olympus TGs in low-light.

So it does not have too much advantage over TGs which has OIS when shooting less moving objects.

Oh, this thing has no zoom.

You really don't understand certain aspects of cameras do you?

Link | Posted on Jun 6, 2018 at 11:03 UTC
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Stephen McDonald: What's with this "built-in" battery thing? No interchangeable, extra batteries? That is a severe handicap. If there is a suitable, wired, belt-pack battery unit available, you'd have to use that, for anything longer than a short video shoot. Often, these hard-wired batteries go kaput after a few years and an expensive replacement would have to be installed. The only time I had a camera with a built-in battery I had to make myself a belt-pack unit, as none were available commercially. And after two years, the built-in battery went dead.

Totally sealed airtight body is what is with it.

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happypoppeye: Was there any reason to believe the cop shot Grimm for anything other than mistakenly?

Wow - you guys are a bunch of shitballs - was there any reason to believe this was anything but a mistake? How's that for grammar and saying the responders are looking for ways to manipulate a question, thus the reasoning of the use of the word shitballs which is still bad grammar.

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Was there any reason to believe the cop shot Grimm for anything other than mistakenly?

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