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Only giving photographers a bad name with a lawsuit like that ...and probably losing a lot of jobs for future photographers trying to work with large companies.

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It's a selfie - if anyone should have rights to the photo it is the monkey. If the photographer wanted rights to it or make money off of it he should have sold it before posting it on the internet. It's the internet. He made a few thousand dollars so be happy with that.

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This video really backs up the argument that a good photo is worth 1000 minutes of video. This is a pathetic article DPR.

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Just like they developed the DL compacts.

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happypoppeye: If people would put the cameras down and help the police out just a little maybe there wouldn't be a need to be videoing the police in the first place.

So a few of you idiots would rather video the cops shooting one of your loved ones rather than help them. Hmmm.

Link | Posted on Jul 12, 2017 at 13:23 UTC

If people would put the cameras down and help the police out just a little maybe there wouldn't be a need to be videoing the police in the first place.

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The 70's called ...they want their box back.

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On article 2017 iPhone Photography Award Winners Announced (185 comments in total)
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quietrich: Leica Oskar Barnack Award: “The competition is not limited to photos taken with Leica cameras. The camera system used is not a criterion.”

The Hasselblad Masters Competition “is open to all photographers who have been active professionals* for more than three years and who are using digital cameras of at least 16 Megapixel, or film cameras, regardless of brand and format.”

iPhone Photography Awards “Entries are open worldwide to photographers using an iPhone or iPad. Photos should not be published previously anywhere. The posts on personal accounts (Facebook, Instagram etc.) are eligible. The photos should not be altered in any desktop image processing program such as Photoshop. It is OK to use any IOS apps.”

Apple - experts in self promotion and insularity.

Sounds like someone spent thousands on Leicas and Hasselblads and is a little bitter.

Link | Posted on Jun 28, 2017 at 15:15 UTC
On article Peak Design Everyday Backpack Review (123 comments in total)

Too expensive and probably not nearly as reliable as some of the better known backpack company bags.

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On article Olympus TG-5 gallery updated (70 comments in total)
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infrequenttraveller: I - and others maybe too? - have a general problem which is not limited to the TG-5, but applies to all of this waterproof cameras: I mostly need them for kayaking. However, usually I'm wearing varifocals which I swap for sports glasses while on the water - but the sports glasses are not varifocals and for distance only.

So, I just can't see what's on the display when I'm sitting in the kayak. Why can't we get some kind of very simple aid like the sports finder of old, attached to the camera body? something like the Ikodot viewfinder?


I would even get an Ikodot for this camera, but, alas, there's no accessory shoe to put it in...

As we all are getting older, could we get some help in this regard please, Olympus, and whoever is making such cameras?

Ummm, no. Unfortunately camera companies are in it to make money and what you propose sounds like a big money losing product. It will never happen, at least with big camera manufacturers. Of course, never say never these days.

Link | Posted on Jun 21, 2017 at 12:14 UTC
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landscaper1: If this device performs entirely as advertised, it would take out all the joy of creating one's own unique image of the scene being photographed. As long as just one monkey (no need for the rhetorical "infinite number of monkeys") could hold the camera steady on the subject, his results would be every bit as good.

Long live the monkey photographer.

Link | Posted on May 25, 2017 at 21:49 UTC

Sounds like it does the same as auto mode, except costs more, makes the camera larger, and complicates things.

But, I have a feeling the company already knows that or they would be using their own money for R&D purposes.

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What's the difference between an aeroplane and airplane? ...no, seriously.

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On article Looking back: Canon's eye-controlled focus (208 comments in total)

Had the Elan ...actually this was the infancy of the era of "lets add absolutely useless features on a camera". I mean, it worked, but there was no need for it. I guess Canon has since moved on to other useless features since than.

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On article TriLens triple lens holder coming to Kickstarter (165 comments in total)
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barrym1966: is there a reason it has the cheapest tamron 70-200 hanging on it and not a Nikon VRII or Sony G2 ?

Same reason this is a kickstarter campaign - they don't trust the product enough to invest their own money in it.

Link | Posted on Apr 25, 2017 at 12:13 UTC

I bet the second in command of the titanic was just as happy...

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Its a picture of a girl on train tracks. Who cares. Honestly, she can even be deaf, blind or really dumb and it doesn't matter, if there is someone there with her taking the picture, and the camera isn't on a tripod, as long as the other person is responsible enough to get the deaf, dumb, blind chick out of the way if a train comes. Other than that, I see no problem. If you are offended by the photo, well, you have much bigger problems in your life. Sounds like a few people should go take a vacation and walk the tracks for a few days ...they don't bite and most times are the most straightforward way of walking somewhere. Of course its private property and all that comes into play but c'mon. Why is this even on dpr?

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jedy: Why are some people assuming this would mean the death of Panasonic cameras? Surely it just means money being invested in a more focused range of cameras rather than wasted on too many unnecessary models.

Surely that's what Samsung meant too. Sorry, had to do it.

Link | Posted on Mar 28, 2017 at 17:27 UTC
On article Canon PowerShot G9 X II sample gallery (108 comments in total)
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rrccad: I keep on coming back to the G9X as a compact camera, just because it's well.. compact.

Times I don't want to carry a DSLR, and even times I don't want to carry around a diminutive EOS-M around either.

A nice really compact take anywhere compact that also doesn't stand out, is not a bad thing to have in one's arsenal. I've had the mouse pointer hover over buy it now way too many times with the G9X Mark II.. yes it's not the most featured, yes, it doesn't have every doodad known to modern photography, the lens could be faster/ better, but it's got a reasonable sized sensor, a half decent zoom range and the images look okay enough for moderate sizes. it also hits above my phone.

I don't get the complaints about this camera. unlike the other 10 bazillion soapbar 1" cameras out there, this camera sits pretty much alone in terms of portability. Envy?

Thanks for the great gallery, once again, my pointer is hovering over the buy. Great images and well done.

Yeah. I bought it and sold it. Just bought another one a year later. The size is the real kicker. It's not the fastest, sharpest or most feature rich, but it's small ...real small. For the size and for a compact camera in general it's outstanding.

Link | Posted on Mar 4, 2017 at 02:46 UTC
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