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I have been going thru the comments. My goodness, some people really like to argue.
People, it's a bag!
The dude is entitled to his opinions!

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bluevellet: Gear of the year is a... bag? Really?

To be fair, Chris did convince me to convert from a neck to a wrist strap. So I will keep an open mind about this bag thing.

I agree that wrist straps are ideal. I have em on my R5 and on my smaller cameras.

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User6290493441: I'm looking for a photo backpack for travel with my Nikon Z7, 70-200mm lens, 24-70mm lens, backup camera (Nikon D500) laptop, external hard drive, and accessories. Will this backpack fill my needs? Thank you.

he is describing their messenger bag. Wotancraft makes backpacks too.

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CaPi: Elegant. Does it come in black?

its a dark charcoal gray that kinda wears nicely and has light gray areas where it looks worn in. it makes the bag look unimpressive and kinda utilitarian so, it does not say '$5000 worth of stuff in here'.
The photos at the Wotancraft website are accurate. except they are modest with the amount of gear they cram into the 7L. My bag fits more than they indicate in their photos.

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tintifax: Don' trust the buckles. One buckle is easier to open - but also for thieves. Compared to a Billingham Hadley I trust the 2 straps much more. Simplier and as easy to open although the Billinghame-straps look like they would be complicated. But only people that have never worked with a Billingham believe that - also the thieves (what could be an advantage). And the Billingham-mechanism is 100 % silent (what obviously the wotancraft is too).
And to put something under the straps on the top .... is a little bit of a joke ..... because as soon as you open the bag everything falls down ....
The straps under the bag for a tripod are devinitely an advantage!

Dude, you are dissing the bag based on what? photos? a video? if u don't want to buy one, is cool. but u are predicting what can go wrong without ever touching this bag.
Unless u own a Wotancraft bag, u would not know how to open the buckle.
If I were in a crowded place, it would not be hanging on my back. It would be under my right arm. Its secure.
If u put a coat under the top straps, it stays. I have tried it.

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CameraCarl: This appears to be an interesting bag, but why not include photos showing what cameras and lenses can fit inside? Or an array of the gear that you can fit in the bag displayed in front of it? Or at the very least some dimensions so we know if the "space to hold a classic trio of professional zoom lenses with a camera body" means a mirrorless body or a DSLR w/o grip or a pro-sized/gripped body and if the lenses are pro zooms like a 16-35 f/2.8, 24-70 f/2.8 and 70-200 f/2.8 or more like f/4 or variable aperture zooms (since there can be a large difference in diameters)?

I bought the 7L. its incredibly versatile.
you can fit an awful lot in there.
I have put my m6 mk II and 5 EF-M lenses in it.
just now I put the R5 with 16 mm prime attached, a Fujifilm X100V, EF 24-70, f2.8 with an EF-R adapter, and the RF 24-105 . I had plenty of room for other items in the outside pockets.
Because its soft, it can change shape more easily than my Peak Design 5L and can carry much much more than that bag.

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On photo Antillean crested hummingbird in the 1 inch sensor challenge.. challenge (12 comments in total)

This rocks!!

Has National Geographic called to offer you a job yet?

BTW, I own and use that camera. Your photo will be inspiration for me to try and get better!

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