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On article 3D Video Primer, Part 2 (28 comments in total)

I have now reread the article and realized that he shortly mentions the Fujifilm W3. Moreover the article is dedicated to video, not still photography, this explains that. Sorry!

The important to say for the readers is that 3D is fantastic, very immersive experience. Once you have tried it, 2D seem pale...

The new 3D TVs "Cinema 3D" from LG (technologie passive) let you very good enjoy 3D movies and 3D photos (for ex. Fujifilm W3 with HDMI cable)

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On article 3D Video Primer, Part 2 (28 comments in total)

Thank you for this article, but I find it too turned to the Sony brand. It would have been necessary to mention the only real camera (a compact) that has existed for over a year now, namely the Fujifilm Finepix Real 3D W3. It would be useful to encourage camera manufacturers to produce good cameras (models for pictures, not only video cameras models) model with good sensors (Panasonic has announced a model for winter but it seems it should be not terrific in this aspect).
It should be noted that among a long list of websites showing very few good photos in 3D (and anaglyph often) very few sites show to future users of 3D cameras what can be done with ...
It would have be nice to present the MPO format too.
May I suggest you to let some 3D experimented users to explain how make 3d photo concretely
Here are two galleries showing more than 1000 photos:

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Yes, 3D is absolutly fantastic and offers a big improvment to visual experience.
This camera answer all request I would have for a 3D-video camera. I don't know its price...

but honestly I more need a compact camera with video functionnalities (HD of FullHD).

I'm waiting for the new 3D compact camera announced by Panasonic and hope: It will have a better CCD/CMOS than its predecessor Fujifilm FinePix Real 3D W3 (particulary in low light), more responsiveness, better macro capabilities.

But for the rest, 10+ Megapixels, the 35-140mm, the OIS, same size, same baseline (7.5cm, very important), same screen (please NOT a Touch-screen, but enough external controls) as the W3. And ok for AVCHD format, but only Progressive, not interlaced which is not interesting. Or both AVI+AVCHD.

A compact camera has only one LCD at the rear, but it's the better in ergonomy, you hold the camera by the two hands and see at the rear (important, a clear LCD, [which is hard with the parallax barrier]).

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I have forgotten, please Panasonic, make AVCHD SbS, Ok! but Progressive, NOT interlaced. Or make AVI (3D-AVI, bi-canal) too. Because interlaced is very disapointing...
And for the photos, make MPO, not another format.

Another thing: The Fuji W3 let you watch "gift"-photos (photos or videos from external sources), that is VERY usefull...

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Joesiv: I like the idea of shooting video and taking still pictures at the same time!

I wonder how small this camera would be, the TZ series used to used folded optics, maybe around that size? Seems like it could be a cool camera.

Yeas, I think so too. Same size, same baseline, same LCD. But better CCD (in low light particulary), better responsiveness, and if possible better macro capabilities).
And NOT a Touch-Screen, but external controls enough.

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rpm40: I hope it has an option for HDR- it could simultaniously take shots with each lens at different exposures, and then combine them into one HDR image.

That would allow for awesome results even with action shots. It could be enough to get me to buy one!

No It will never give a good result because the two captures are taken from two point of view... Never electronic or other device can change this

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It's a very very good news. But on the paper the camera don't have much more than the Fujifilm FinePix Real 3D W3 (35-140 vs 35-105, HD vs HD).
What I hope:
- a better CCD (in particular in low light), but 10-12Mpx is enough.
- a better responsiveness (faster)
- NOT a touch-screen but enough external controls
- a better ergonomic (please not too small and without grip) 200-250gr. it's ok, Two Folder lens like FP7 it's ok. The size of W3 is perfect.
- if possible +/-IL controls in video (unlike W3) (or PASM in video too)
- control of parallax auto AND manual, baseline 6.5-7.5 cm (not smaller)
- macro better than W3 if possible
I have two W3 and taken 10'000 photos and videos with them. One year ago I said to Panasonic "You should make a compact 3D camera...", so it's nice to see it comes.
I repeat: first the CCD, responsiveness and macro, for the rest make a camera like the W3.

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