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  • Whether a lens is as sharp as it gets from edge to edge or not, matters for the final result.
    Wether it's red or not, much less (well, besides the attention you get or not).

    Same thing with...

  • I used my F31 two days ago.

    And I'll write more if it's thrown back in here another Throwback Thursday.

    So much for today: It's still a fast & easy & useful camera!

  • Wrong place for my posting - sorry! (Fuji F10 throwback is right)

  • @BarnET:

    I did some more research (at times it's difficult maintaining an overview of all those cameras) and must say: You are right - the video capabilities of this new model are improved and...

  • Looking for a successor to my Pana GH2, both GH5 and E-M1 II are in the race.
    But the crucial point is the IBIS (In-Body Image Stabilizer) of the Olympus.

    I do macro photography with manual...

  • @Bhima78: "Because lenses back then had at most 7 elements in them. Meaning, they didn't fully correct well for distortions/abherations especially at the widest apertures. A modern f1.8, f1.4 or...

  • To sum it up with various maximum recording times (calculated, not tested):

    All ProRes HQ (l wouldn't choose lower quality settings than HQ):

    FHD: 1920x1080 pixels
    UHD: 3840x2160...

  • Follow-up from above ->

    UHD is exactly 4x the size of FHD (pixel-wise), resulting in a data rate of 4x220 Mbit/s = 880 Mbit/s for ProRes HQ UHD with 29.97 fps.

    Now the calculation (giving a...

  • @geogan

    As a rule of thumb: The more efficiently a format compresses (resulting in smaller files to save), the less efficiently it decompresses (for playing back the video clips).

    Thus, H.265...

  • The digital TV should not be a problem - it can probably handle either data rate.

    It's just recommendet to film with 30/60 frames per second, when you live in a NTSC country. And 25/50 fps, when...

  • In H.264 as well.
    It depends on the implementation of this codec. As AVCHD for example, only 8bit 4:2:0 is possible. But AVC-intra (with 100 Mbit/s for HD) e.g., is 10bit 4.2:2.

    ProRes or DNxHD...

  • The use of 'k' or 'K' in photo / video is somewhat confusing:

    Mathematically, k stands for 'kilo' = 1000.

    In memory calculations for computers it used to stand for 1024, but nowadays it's factor...

  • @noirdesir

    If it's with somehow enhanced pixels, that might be ok, roughly. However - it's always a compromise between good sensor resolution and low light qualities.

    The Olympus EM-5 II tries to...

  • They call it 6K Photo - the width of the photo is 6000 pixels, then.

    They say it's taken out of some 18 Megapixel "burst rate" capture (either video or serial photo - unclear how many...

  • It would be about the same pixel size:

    1 inch sensor (aspect ratio 4:3): 2.48 micrometers side length (pixel pitch)
    m4/3 Sensor (aspect ratio 4:3): 2.57 micrometers pixel pitch

    calculated with 1...

  • Hoax ?

    If not: I had (and still have) hopes for an in-body image stabilizer (for manual optics).

  • Why is the 4K-Codec unusable?
    Because it's full frame-based, less compressed, Motion JPEG (basically a series of good quality JPEGs) instead of the ubiquitous, heavily compressed GOP-based MPEG-4 /...

  • You write: "NTSC/PAL is no issue in digital era. "

    Good point - that should be true with most TV's nowadays.

    But 2 other points remain:

    1. Possibly flickering lights when filming with 30/60fps...

  • Seems to be only 30/60 and no 25/50 fps option.
    Sorry, Olympus, if I'm stubborn on this point: Living in a PAL country that fps-question counts for me more than any latest gimmicks and newest...

  • Commented on article Readers' Showcase: Arek Halusko

    You're right and I am wrong! :-(

    When googling, I ended up here:
    Canon PowerShot D30 Waterproof Digital Camera


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