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It looks stupid...

Hass H-series which made by FujiFlim still has its own idea of how to design a camera body that not for fashion, but for use.

Why the hell they put a Hass 500 series's look on a SONY A99? I mean it would actually be better if they just use a plate A99 with a 'Hasselblad' on it, and don't do this silly looking design.

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69chevy: Sony teams up with reputable camera manufacturers.

Sonys excellent sensors combined with top camera makers names, sell the cameras for the other brands, better cameras are produced, and Sony makes money more than selling their own cameras.

Wait...why do they still make cameras?

Philips LHH series CD players are among the bests.. I know little about Mark 37/39, but LHH 1000 / 900r were unbeatable in their era for sure.. Also the CDM series laser mechanism and the TDA series DAC, which from Philips and original for its LHH series CD players, become the standard of most 'high-end' CD players latter on..

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