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  • I pre-ordered a Z7 in August 2018, received it in September 2018... and partly did so because of the terrific option for an f/4 24-70S.  At that time, I never thought it would take 3-4 YEARS for ...
  • Great news! Thanks for the link!
  • Replied in Exporter u-turn?
    What exporter u-turn?  I know there are a lot of complaints about the Exporter in 14.3... but I haven't yet heard about any "u-turn" on it... was something announced while I was asleep?  link?
  • If 90% landscape, the Z7 has everything you need, and the image quality of the Z7ii isn't better.  I have 2 Z7's and have used them in a wide variety of situations (including the Arctic from a ...
  • I forgot to mention that you can buy metal sample kits for cheap that will show you the different surfaces.
  • Metal prints need not all be super glossy. Bay Photo , for example, offers a variety of different metal print surfaces , including satin.
  • Good grief... really?  I don't have any other apps that have such dependencies, nor bomb in the environment I do have.  Sounds like the proverbial wild goose chase.
  • Just doubled the tile cache size on the desktop... still bombed.  This time it bombed while Gimp was not even the active application.  Sigh...
  • Ok thanks.  At least I know I'm not the only one in the history of the world that has seen this issue with selected versions! :-)
  • I can try boosting the tile cache size, but two things: (1) it's the default from the install.  The installer seems to set this variable as a function of physical memory size on the target machine ...
  • I've used all of: Bay Photo, Mpix and Printique. Mpix: good results, good software - higher in price than the other two. Bay Photo: the most metal options by far, and good results. Their overall ...
  • See post above to Toermalijn for most of the answers to your questions. Also: Tile Cache Size: (1) Desktop: 8372154 (2) Laptop: 16697826 Given all the crashes, I find ...
  • Machines: (1) Laptop: Maingear Element Stage 2 , 32 GB RAM, new within last year (2) Desktop: Maingear F131 , 16 GB RAM, a few years old.
  • Created discussion thread GIMP bomb outs anyone?
    I've been getting a lot of "GIMP has stopped working" bomb outs with GIMP 2.10.24 (rev 2).  I have 2 machines: laptop with Win10, desktop with Win 8.1.  Happens on both.  Similar experiences ...
  • Replied in 2 month update
    Again, thanks to all who replied prior - very helpful. Based on your recommendations, I've sent out for metal prints from both Bay Photo and Printique to try them out (after having used Mpix ...
  • Thanks to all who responded - I picked up a number of really good ideas and tips - much appreciated. Was a little surprised that more folks didn't weigh-in though.  From what I read metal prints ...
  • Thanks for the reply David.  I've found Mpix to be quite good overall... I'll probably try a small one of my signature B&W prints with them and see how it goes.  All I've got to lose is the price ...
  • Hi Davey, I'm also a hobbyist that shoots mostly landscape .  IMHO you are WAY over thinking this.  I agree with you 100% - cropping is important for landscape.  There are a lot of situations ...
  • Approach #1 works... as long as you are really committed to keywording.  But I use your second approach, partly because I find keywording laborious - including developing picking or developing the ...
  • re: the green tint... you saw that with both Picto & Mpix? or just one of them?
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