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  • Hello KentG Normally I criticised others when it comes to test pictures, preferable DPreview :-) for that, but here I must criticised myself. I mean, I used f8 and did look only at one focal ...
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  • Hello Uloo Here are the comparsion pictures. My FA 80-320 do show now the focal length, but not the aperture, that's why I set it manually to f8 like on the other lens. (to all others, please don't ...
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  • Hello kenwklau That are nice pictures of the moon together with the colourful building illumination. The moon has a nice yellow mood in your pictures. Thanks for posting your pictures! best ...
  • Hello Bernie3 I hope you don't mind my spelling, English is not my mother language, and my grammar is only similar to the English Language :-D What I noticed with my KP: when I use SEL 9 or more ...
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    Hello Uloo

    Thanks ! It's nice that you like it.
    best regards KPM2

  • Hello, a string of light at daytime: and at night: via a long time exposure and moving the camera. hope you like like it Edit: This makes really fun. The figure you get is done by pure accident. I ...
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  • Hello GossCTP and Sjak I once read an interview with an Pentax engineer, where he sad that they had a learning curve from the K10 and K200. The K200 is the little sister from the K10, but: they ...
  • Hello philzucker ....lucky man ! thanks for posting this nice red moon ! I am in the mountains....and stand up at be prepared. But in the mountains the weather can change quickly - ...
  • Hello Bobolink OK, I did search in the German forums and did find nothing about it ! Also, my repair was done in a week (ok, I live in Germany). I really wonder about what he did wrote. I do not ...
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    Hello iTrax Thanks for the tip. The catch in works with the new 55-300 PLM, but it look's like that the reaction time of the catch in is too long for the kind of start to fly pictures I try to do. ...
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    Hello Uloo I too am not a birder. I tried it today with the K1, buffer wise, and with a series. But the birds are so quick, that you get 1 picture....the others are a without a bird in it. I did ...
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  • Hello Mike Arledge I did not read all answers, so maybe it's already mentiond. My point is, you use prime lens. The K1 megapixel sounds big, but not when you have to crop the picture. For example ...
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    Hello The situation is in principal easy: I try to take pictures of birds, when they start to fly away from our bird house. The problem is not the camera (KP with 55-300mm PLM)'s me :-D I ...
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    IMGP7120-2 Kopie
  • Hello Mike Arledge Thanks for sharing your nice series with us. No. 2 and 7 is my personally favour. Given the overcast day illumination, the feather of the birds looks nevetherless very good in ...
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