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(unknown member): If the camera pictures is a working prototype, does anyone recognize the lens?

On the company web site a Leica lens is mounted.

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On article Inside RA001: World's first Boeing 747 'Jumbo Jet' (127 comments in total)

Brings back memories, in 1969 as a Navy pilot stationed at NAS Whidbey Island we made a side trip south to watch RA001 lift off the runway on an early test flight. Very impressive.

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wherearemyshorts: My black & white film has been in the freezer for over 30 years. Time to use it.

Yikes Joe, you need a bigger freezer.

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Dinarius: Remember 1985?
I think that this will be Adobe's "New Coke" moment.


Yes indeed, I think you're correct.

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Five Piece: To all the shrill voices on this thread: You are missing the point. This camera is emphatically NOT built for you! Their target customer is Missy an Trevor, the purchase of which will setback maybe a small part of an hours interest on their trust fund. They will buy it not based on technical prowess, but because it matches so nicely with the teak deck of their sloop "Serendipity"!

I wish the Hasselblad corporation the best of luck with their new lineup, if for nothing more than the history that they did build the cameras used on the moon, for goodness sakes!

WilliamJ@ Your comments make no sense. By the way, where are your photos?

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Martin Datzinger: "This [the Lunar] is not a NEX-7 camera" .... then tell me why at least the twin dials, the Minolta Hotshoe and the EVF are exactly in the same place as on the NEX. Of course it is a NEX-7 in hideous drag. Go on, sell that Pimpcam to all those rich-but-tasteless Russian, Chinese and Arab showoffs, to those who think a Leica is too subtle, but please don't lie publicly.

Well said, Martin. By the way, your English is flawless.

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OhioPhoto: Be fun to have a Design Your Own Lunar Photoshop contest.

I'm thinking something called the "Rhinestone Cowboy" model white leather encrusted in color beads and swaddled in a leather fringe carrying case.

Or the "Fat Elvis" collectors model with LOTS of gold, a crystal shutter release and an olive green velour case (turquoise clasp, of course)

All I want is a digital X-pan. Is it really that hard.

"All I want is a digital X-pan. Is it really that hard."
Easy, just add a vibrator.

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On article Hasselblad responds to Lunar criticisms (613 comments in total)

Hasselblad to me will always be the 500C I had back in the 1970s; hey I'm an old guy. I had two backs, one loaded with TriX the other PlusX and a basement darkroom for processing. Today Hasselblad exists in name only; it's not the same company. Owners include UBS, Cinven and apparently some members of management. Well, that's a possible explanation for the Lunar, it was designed by committee and some members with limited photography experience. Oh, then the committee went to Sony for the innards, further complicating things. Oh boy, that 500C was wonderful.

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On article Just Posted: Canon EOS 5D Mark III review (705 comments in total)
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Sdaniella: "The 'During DOF preview' option is new on the EOS 5D Mark III."

No it's not new, 5DMkIII has always had at the outset.

This works in M/Tv/Av/P; anything that alters Aperture, whether Manually or Automatically, will offer a shift in DOF, thus if opting to press the DOF Preview button, DOF is shown while ExpSim is also shown (an 'exp sim' in 'stop-down' position), albeit more accurately (real aperture diameter affects not just light, but contrast too).

What folks don't realize, is that ExpSim LV normally w/o stop-down of Aperture diameters chosen, shows the 'what if' ExpSim if the Aperture were stopped down even if not stopped down.

Thus, there are actually TWO modes of ExpSim LV in effect, on where:

1) Aperture IS NOT stopped down (default)
2) Aperture IS stopped down (DOF preview)

'Stopped down' mode actually has less to 'sim' since incoming light already covered by aperture all that's left is ISO and speed to 'sim'. The latter mode 2 is what PowerShots always had, or ES-LV.

sambomax: Too funny.

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