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vFunct: These 1-series cameras are BEASTS. No other camera, not even the D4, can touch their 15 FPS with FULL phase-detect AF. It really is a pro-camera.

People that even think about comparing this camera to NEX are clueless noobs. The NEX and other competitors in this category are worthless junk. Those are toys because they don't have the high-speed phase-detect AF that 1's and dSLRs have.

Obviously if all you shoot are still-life or landscapes, then you don't need high-speed focus, but if you ever take shots of people, and if you DON'T want to make it look like they're always posing stiff, then you'll have to go with a phase-detect autofocus system that you'd normally only get with a dSLR. And a professional might take thousands of these non-stiff shots per day.

Seriously, 15 frames a second with full phase-detect AF is an entirely different class of photography!

My only concern left is if it reverts back to contrast-detect AF in low-light like the previous models.

I will only buy this V2 only if it got a battery grip.

With is I can use with my current Nikon lens which holds better.

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