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thielges: I understand that OLEDs consume less power when viewing an image with black pixels since those don't consume any current. But when used as a viewfinder it is rare that pixels are completely black (i.e. hex #000000 in standard 24 bit RGB notation). More likely "black" pixels will just be very dim, #040202 for example.

My question is whether these "dim" pixels also consume less power compared to brighter pixels. My guess is "yes" they consume power proportional to their brightness. But it would be good to hear from a real OLED expert. Anyone out there who knows?

I'm using two cameras (Samsung HZ35W and TL500) that have OLED viewfinders and am very impressed with their image quality and usability in bright light.

Yes, OLED's power consumption is related to the brightness of the pixel. So a dim pixel consumes less power than a bright one.

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