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  • Thanks for the input, certainly given me a lot to think about over the last few days. In fact I think that I may hold off, and save up a bit more (or get lucky in the January sales!) as you make ...
  • Created discussion thread Replacement Compact
    Hi All, I'm an avid Canon SLR fan, and have been using them for years. However, with children in tow, plus a bad back, I don't always want to carry it (plus the inevitable urge to carry countless ...
  • Sorry for the confusion, not intentional :-) Let me try to explain my setup (which some may not like, but it works for me): (1) I have a MacBook Pro with a 500GB HD (and thanks to Apple, the HDD is not ...
  • Thanks, but I'm really not a fan of it. I know this is subjective, but I don't like the user interface, the sync has been hugely problematic for me (even after days, and with 200MB broadband), and ...
  • Thanks for this, but I find that this is a pretty horrible and unreliable tool (quite unlike Apple). It hogs disk space, rarely uploads all the photos. Thanks,
  • Great tip! Thanks. Not heard of that before, and been playing with it today. Not perfect, but a million times better than iTunes! Thanks again
  • Hi, for many iterations of iOS and MacOS/iTunes my photos have simply failed to sync onto my iPhone. I’ve read many postings and tried pretty much everything (I’m very techy!) including restores, ...
  • Hi, I'm using the Beta of MacOS 10.13 (High Sierra), and (due to various flash limitations) I'm unable to upload photos for challenges. I've ensured that Flash is enabled, but when it gets to the ...
  • Submitted a challenge entry Serenity Now
    Taken by a lake near Cirencester in the UK, quite late at night (around 10pm in March), very cold! The light is due to a full moon and a very long (480s) exposire
    Placed 65th in the challenge. Taken by a lake near Cirencester in the UK, quite late at night (around 10pm in March), very cold! The light is due to a full moon and a very long (480s) exposire
  • Interesting that I noticed the exact same thing today. On Av, Tv, M, B, P, A+, Flash Off and CA modes, the main RAW setting seems to persist. When I switch to SCN or C modes it reverts to JPG. It ...
  • Thanks - I also downsized them before uploading, so could be a double whammy.
  • Thanks for the detailed review - all very helpful and constructive! These were taken at Port Lympne in Kent (https://www.aspinallfoundation.org/port-lympne/) - some were on a private ranger tour ...
  • Created photo thread Safari in the UK
    Just been on a UK safari, and have just switched to Lightroom, would appreciate any constructive feedback. Some finer quality may have gone as I've reduced file sizes etc... for easier uploading.
  • Hi All, Thanks for all the incredibly constructive comments. I've spent a lot of the last week trying various suggestions, and in the end I've (surprise, surprise) relented and gone for Lightroom. ...
  • Thanks,  it their site says it’s windows only. I’m running MacOS 10.13. Thanks all the same
  • I’ve tried that but it simply won’t startup on MacOS High Safari. Thanks for the link though
  • Thanks for that tip. Just downloaded and had a quick play with it. It's probably on the short list, but not as good as Picasa. Seems a shame to migrate to something that's not as good, but it's ...
  • Thanks, but to my earlier point, I work a lot on software user experience, and if you are selling software to the public and you need training videos, you're doing it wrong! :-)
  • Created question thread Alternatives to Picasa (Mac)
    Hi All, I've been an avid user of Picasa (Mac edition) for many years. I value it's simplicity, file management, the fact there's no proprietary databases created etc... Google no longer support ...
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