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  • Probably a phishing attempt. As a precaution, change all relevant passwords, to be safe.
  • Me neither but from a discussion forum, Adobe deprecated the Aviary API which some apps relied on to work. https://github.com/froala/wysiwyg-editor/issues/2271
  • "Photoshop", when it first started, was packaged with a Barneyscan Scanner. That was in 1988/89. https://petapixel.com/2018/05/25/the-story-of-how-photoshop-was-first-barneyscan-xp/
  • A footbridge in China collapsed from the weight of people waiting for a selfie photographer. https://www.scmp.com/news/china/society/article/2159978/chinese-tourists-selfie-creates-splash-after-blo ...
  • Created discussion thread Are photo scanners stagnant
    I’ve been looking at photo scanners. Slide scanners are mostly gone. Epson’s V800/850 are 3 to 4 years old. Canon’s 9000F I am uncertain of its release date but it was not in 2017/2018? I am ...
  • Older iPhones are more susceptible. My iPhone SE has 2GB RAM and it happens sometimes.
  • No solution except to not quit Mobile Safari while DPR in Desktop mode is active. Or clear browser data. Once the browser tabs are closed, it is back to mobile but not always, from my observations. ...
  • Replied in Two ways
    There is at the bottom of DPR a switch to Desktop mode or from the iPhone, Request Desktop Site from the clipboard icon.
  • Replied in The 90s called
    It’s MAC vs PC all over again except this time it’s smartphone vs ILC. No, Apple is not dead yet.
  • Thanks. Pixlr requires Flash to work so I can rule Pixlr out. I'll give Polarr a try.
  • Replied in Photoline
    Photoline could be a Photoshop replacement and has been around for many years. Costs $59.00 https://www.pl32.com/
  • Created discussion thread What happened to Aviary Photo Editor
    Last I heard was that Adobe purchased Aviary. I went looking and the Windows version is gone but iOS and Android are still around but apparently it has been crippled? Any Aviary users here? Thanks.
  • Replied in Bits va Bytes
    Should it not be TB (Terabyte) and GB (Gogabyte)?
  • I have been reading about it for some time. Still expensive and they’ve gone up to 1 or 2 TB now?
  • Thanks. In the retail stores, I have seen M Disk supported optical drives but the M Disk media aren’t found anywhere. Most places didn’t keep BluRay disks and DVD brands are are down to a handful ...
  • It’s moot now but I presume he meant access to the Picasa Web Albums? You could upload your photos online to Google if you wished too. On mobile, there is Snapseed but Google after purchasing Nik ...
  • No problem. I just need a viewer to view e.g. dashcam footage.
  • Thanks for replying. I did purchase Photo-Mate R3 some months ago. Excellent product but does it work with videos? i have a Sony phone and as previously mentioned, Sony has a similar app.
  • I wrote in some months ago on DPR about Focal Finder not working for me and did not get much response from TSGames. Even sent email on 9 March 2018.
  • If it's a twenty five years old piece of software, I wonder what hardware he's on now... Need more info. The first Windows version of Photoshop was PS 2.5 in November 1992. https://en.wikipedia.org ...
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