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  • Created discussion thread Luminar update
    Tried the new Luminar update and it is indeed better/faster. I have a win 10  i7 machine. It is still not at parity with the mac version and is still missing the promised DAM. Any idea when it ...
  • Created discussion thread LED panel
    Not sure whether post this here or over in lighting and studio. Went to a lecture on Urban exploration At my photo club. The speaker had used one of the newer LED panels to add light In basements, ...
  • I have found as many others that  LR is a wonderfully designed and logical workspace but that there are other superior tools that can be employed as well- For myself, I am finding that I am ...
  • Replied in Why not?
    If you read prior threads- There was a fair amount of difficulty with a simple version upgrade- People kept being "ugraded" to CC not the LR6 upgrade they wanted and then had to try to down grade. ...
  • I read through the thread and it seems you have been talking about me -Long time pentaxian - several aps bodies prior including k7 and now K-3 (original) - large lens commitment to Pentax . Would ...
  • Created discussion thread LR 6 update question
    I have patiently stayed at LR 6.7 while the brave have gone through a lot in upgrading to 6.14 It seems most have gotten there at this point and it seems that using the update tool in help is now ...
  • Refills seem to be performing normally - Test prints look good! I bought a replacement Photoblack because of a question of the integrity of the cartridge (very slow refill despite purge per ...
  • Thanks! Great reading- May try to rehab cartridge just for the fun of trying, but I think if it is malfunctioning even after flush, the better part of valor may be to get another cartridge and use ...
  • Not a good sign...(  big sigh... :-(  )
  • Created question thread Luminar - missed updates?
    Skylum has a mid- Jan update forecast on its website Q&A for Luminar and a Q1 udate (its near mid march already) - I have had no info on either- Did I miss something ?
  • Mostly good filled 6 of 10 octoinkjet cartridges without any issue 3 of 10 needed negative pressure from flush clip and 60 cc syringe and then filled fine 1 of 10 (Photoblack) would not fill - I( ...
  • Many thanks! Steve
  • PC Inks have arrived Also octoinkjet  empty OEM cartridges- I was worried that they would come with exposed dried ink pads and so my questions about flushing. To my surprise and delight they came ...
  • Thanks - that was just what I needed- Ordered the flush clip and watched the video Again many thanks Steve
  • Created discussion thread Cartridge refill question
    New Pro-10 printer ( I have a pro 100 which I have refilled for years) - Will be refilling with Precison Colors Inks - I took Jtoolmans advice and purchased a set of prev used empty cartridges ...
  • Created discussion thread Windows Luminar question
    Any leads as to when the "mid January " update will drop? Any ideas what the roadmap looks like for windows users- The website Q&A only goes up to  Jan- Would like to see Windows users get to ...
  • Seem to have the task scheduler working with irfanview- did you use every other day for your interval. My image prints in the top 1/8 of the page- I suspect that is enough to keep the head from drying.
  • Unfortunately the link no longer goes anywhere- I found cartridges on Octojet in England- any experience there?
  • Created discussion thread Pro-10 Best practices
    Getting to know my new pro-10 (also have pro-100) I know pigment ink printers have to be cared for differently I am trying to institute automatic nozzle checks for times I am away Just looked at ...
  • Created question thread XPS driver
    I installed 2 drivers for my Pro-10 - the standard driver and XPS - I have looked on the web but don't understand why I would use or when I would use XPS unless I was saving the print file to send ...
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