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  • The BLF19 fits the G9. The BLF 22 will fit/work in the G9 or G9M2 but NOT vice versa. The BLF 19s can be used going forward in the G9 or you can switch to all BLF22 as you only have to carry 1 ...
  • You are more likely to get a more technical answer here: This is a community based on1 help/knowledge base and my guess you will find an answer ...
  • Answer this question which is the source of my concern. Apparently there are two way a program can do the RAW demosaicing, one internal to the program and customized for it and the second using an ...
  • On1 Photo Raw 2024. My backup plan is a DNG conversion (supported camera) and then edit. Not my favorite route though
  • Created discussion thread RAW camera support
    Purchased a Lumix G9II as a second body replacing my G9. I am going to try to edit images but I am not sure whether my editor supports it. I shoot  only RAW. (Support list does not yet include my ...
  • I am the OP. Thanks for all of the above. My takeaway is that on my next long once in a lifetime trip, I will take plenty of SD cards and two bodies. I will take reasonalble care of them, ...
  • Created discussion thread Lumix camera water resistance
    Some comment on this in multiple threads ususally in contrast to IP rating of OM. So I asked the source on Lumix Live. For better or worse this is what I got (BTW I am a Lumix fan with a G9 and ...
  • Replied in Ask the maker
    Definitive answer for Lumix cameras. I asked the question today for IS based Lumix cameras on Lumix live today. Very clear answer- POWER OFF . They do not recommend power on- IS off
  • I have gone a different route for photoshop, lightroom, On1 , Resolve etc Over the years I have used and still use both- Similar utility for a fraction of the price XenceLabs Quickkeys https://www. ...
  • In answer to the above: Cleaning the sensor is of course cleaning the glass above the sensor NOT the sensor itself. I am always gentle with the sesnor and try not to press on the sensor during swabbing
  • Created discussion thread Sensor cleaning
    Couldnt find a more inclusive forum for this question. I have been cleaning my sensor (rarely) over the last year or 2. I was looking at several youtube videos recently and several of them ...
  • Unfortunately no - sealed case. Not the end of the world, just a bit annoying.
  • I would like to avoid carrying a computer. My Ipad is light and does everything I want it to do on vacation. The frustration is that the WD wireless pro is such a good solution, but the technology ...
  • Created discussion thread Travel backup (again..)
    I will be traveling for a month and want a good backup solution. I have a WD wireless 1 TB which has a built in sd card reader, 1 TB HDD and internal software. I was hoping I could replace it with ...
  • Replied in G9ii manual
    Truthfully, I dont know where to start. Graphics are fair but the use of icons rather than words makes it difficult to navigate and and the menu structure and choices are not always what you ...
  • Created discussion thread G9ii manual
    I have a g9 and now a G9ii. As ususal the Panasonic manual is not very helpful. The G9 had a Thorpe manual that was very helpful. Thorpe has passed and I was wondering if any have seen a similar ...
  • Created discussion thread Flash and triggers
    Recently asked a question by a photo buddy that I couldnt answer. He has a nikon camera and Nikon flash and wonders whether a godox trigger will work or whether he is stuck with getting expensive ...
  • Created discussion thread G9II release date
    Was hoping for my preordered g9ii to ship today but shipping will start 11/13 from B&H.
  • This may help answer some of the sensor questions above- Look at about 15:35 Hope this helps
  • Yes Richard. I had just finished viewing a video by Robin Wong. Nearly everybody has a sugar daddy of some sort. You have to make a living - Wong->Lumix, Petapixel OMsystem. The old DPR was ...
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