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Mel Snyder: Love your work! Wish I could get my partner to visit Poland, but her parents are Holocaust survivors from there, and too many bad memories of theirs have settled we'll be in Prague, Budapest and Vienna (not better than Poland during the war, but no connected second-hand memoriies...

Thanks for the feedback, Im happy you enjoyed my photos!
I can appreciate the emotional barriers that may discourage your partner from coming to Poland, and I guess there's no point in forcing oneself to do it, but I will say this: in terms of the tangible, there is really hardly anything now that could remind one of the horrors of war, unless one is looking for it (e.g. museums, certain gallery exhibitions, former concentration camps etc.). For what it's worth, there is a plethora of interesting sightseeing opportunities related to all historical periods.
I hope someday your significant other and yourself will both be able to see and enjoy the Poland of today.
All the best:)

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great capture but why so much noise at ISO 400? Did you crop a lot?

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The light is very pleasing, but the blur of the background seems digital,optically impossible, given the distance from the cyclist, the focal length and F5...

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