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  • Replied in PS....
    There is also a lot of information on the Dell 3007 in this forum...[node]=78 .
  • Use the "Custom" mode. It allows for all the monitors RGB controls to be available from the monitors menu's and calibrates within the monitor's native wide gamut colour space. If you want sRGB ...
  • Run Firefox with either NoScripts or UBlock Origin add-ons if you feel you want some extra security in addition to the top rated anti-malware software I'm sure you already have running. I find ...
  • It used to be that Firefox on Windows and Safari on Apple were the  two preferred web browsers for viewing images.  I never use Edge as the last time I read up on Edge (18 months ago) I was left ...
  • I've always set up my PC's so that files, with the exception of music, are stored in folders NOT tied to the Windows key system folders.  I think I will leave it that way. .
  • It was made perfectly clear before you posted that this was NOT the case. .
  • That is correct. I have a 500GB SSD boot drive partitioned into C: and D: so I can wipe the C: OS drive periodically if required and not lose D: which holds some data for which I want ultra-fast ...
  • My business laptop is still Win7.  Interesting comments on updating.  I had been thinking of moving it to Win10 so that all the PC's on my home network are Win10 and to be able to update to some ...
  • Created discussion thread Windows 10 update deletes photos ?
    Anyone seen this article? Coincidentally, it arrived in my inbox from CNET a few days after I discovered ...
  • I have not. Only used this feature a couple of times but tested it a fair bit when I first acquired my ZS100. I don't recall seeing anything as dramatic as yours in my testing. I found you have to ...
  • Replied in Normal
    Exactly what mine sounds like; been using for almost 18 months with maybe 3300+ shots on it. P1020332 file name. It only makes the louder clickity-clack noise on retraction. .
  • I agree. This was my first digital cam but I can't recall if Pekka sold me on it or if he came later. Loved his work.

  • I'm still using my old old 50-500 (as above) on my A77. Ed, I find your comment interesting because there have been times I thought it worked better with my A700 body (in terms of AF speed and ...
  • Erickson's "Madras Maiden". Saw it at the Boundary Bay airshow in the summer of 2016 and 2015. Awe inspiring to stand under her but was too crowded to get a decent ground shot like you have. In the ...
  • I have the same lens as Ed and still use mine to this day. Started out with it on an A700 and now use it on an A77. f/8 thru f/11 is the sweet spot for sharpness on mine though I often use f/6.3 ...
  • I've a R7000 as well. Been using it for about a year reliably. But recently I have had to deal with a teenager's internet usage and so wanted some features that I was surprised to find are not ...
  • Great shots.  The harriers are pretty darn good. I know the area well.  I've seen a coyote & beavers (on different days) across from the Flying Beaver and river otters just south of where ...
  • As above... I could not have written it any better for my ZS100. I had tried many times with my old Android phone 4.4.1 to connect.  No luck.  New 6.0.1 phone arrived this week.... saved the ...
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