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This may be over-simplification but consider this market break-down.
1. Cameras for people willing to use 2 hands on the shot
2. Cameras for people needing it to fit into a pocket or small pouch but still want something dedicated for better image quality than the category below
3. Cameras combined with another electronic accessory the user would want, anyway, like a cell phone

Where does the Nikon 1 fit? My hands do not get smaller every few years and my pockets do not generally get larger. If a camera needs two hands, at what point does further miniaturization lose value?

Sensors will continue getting better with more sensitivity, pixels, and dynamic range or less noise so the argument really reduces to getting the best IQ for the cost with each usage model.

Honestly, I think the 1 system's main competition is from the super-zoom family and it will lose because the 1's sensor is too large.

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On article Am I missing something here? (627 comments in total)

I was conflicted over the 1-inch sensor format, particularly the Nikon 1, since its release. There are really four markets: cell phone, pocket, enthusiast/super-zoom, and interchangeable lens. Nikon's 1 system bridges the enthusiast and interchangeable but, for me, the body/lens system is too small while not being small enough. Does that make sense?

Maybe the enthusiast market will move to 1" systems as the P&S market is swallowed by smart-phones but Nikon's 1 is still bulky compared to Sony's RX100.

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I like that Fuji is still 100% behind APS-C with their lens roadmap. As sensors get better, I think APS-C will continue drawing more users away from full-frame. Fuji is obviously betting that their target customer base will settle on APS-C as the best compromise between light gathering power and size/weight and it is good to see them stick to their plan.

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Lighting conditions are far too diffuse and even. Need a collimated source, too, along with shadow, more specular reflections, and a wider range of depth. Everything is so two dimensional and lit evenly it does not tell me much about real-world performance. At least toss a disco ball lit by spot-lights in there...

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On article A sneak peek at our forthcoming camera test scene (320 comments in total)

New user here. Does DP Review have a dynamic range / white circle test? This has been an issue with me for years but most reviews I see look at color fringing, color accuracy, moire, and resolution. I would like every camera review to include dynamic range measurements and how the exposure number affects range and gray scales.

I would like an objective test comparing combined lens, sensor, and software behavior equally across all camera types. I can tweak color and print on different size paper according to pixel count but i cannot fix dynamic range or clipping issues. Preserving detail in shadows and shiny objects are things I am always concerned with.

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