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I'm a amateur photograph. My camera history is: Practica, Canon EOS Kiss, Nikon Coolpix 880, Nikon Coolpix 5700, EOS Digital Kiss (Rebel/300D), Canon EOS 5D, EOS Digital Kiss X, Fuji 200EXR, Panasonic Lumix FZ35, Canon PowerShot SX50 and Panasonic Lumix DMC-G5 .


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BozillaNZ: As a long term Canon user, I already gave up on Canon's mirror-less attempts. I started looking at M4/3 gears for a long time and finally pulled trigger for a Panasonic GX1 for $229. The M4/3 lens ranges are far better than this and, oh, the GX1 can actually focus, FAST. Also guess where does the M4/3 fund come from? Selling some of the Canon lenses.

I did the same. Bought G5. Small and light. I was Canon user but I was not willing to wait any further....

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Panasonicus: The Canon 70-200mm Mk 2 is $2199. The Panny is $1499. Cheaper and lighter but really not that much cheaper given that the Canon is L quality. I think Panasonic are overpriced at this level. I have a G3 with the MIJ 14-45mm and 45-200mm which are cheapos (compared with the constant 2.8's) but great quality. I do not plan to buy these high end micro-2/3rds lenses and if I was that serious about equipment I would upscale back to a full sized Canon and the L lenses. In fact, the Canon 70-200mm L f4 (closer to the Panny than the 2.8) is $1239 or cheaper than the Panasonic. Bottom line: Panasonic are overpricing themselves and they will kill off any serious photographers thinking about making the switch.

Fantastic reply. I can not agree more. I mean also I think that this lens is expensive but Panasonic is setting the price. Take it or leave it. Nobody forces us to buy this lens, right?

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Tom Caldwell: Has Canon gone off on some crazy course of it's own on video? Surely I appreciate the technical virtuosity and my "oh my gee whizz" product, but I have a stack of Canon EF glass and I actually have no need for video. So where to now for the plebs that want to see a smaller, evf version of the EF mount camera with video only for emergencies.

Or are Canon doing "a Leica" and simply grandstanding their technical expertise by painting themself into the nice, but unobtainable, corner?

I run to something more than a Rebel but am only hanging about because the EOS mount locks in my investment.

Videographers (all "fifty" of them) are going nuts about it of course.

I feel the same. If Canon will not change the course, I will probably switch the boat even if I have to sell the lenses.....

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Lu Heng: this is funny how many people are concern about pixels, high ISO etc., making a war between canon, nikon, sony.. name it. as if it is a substitute of actual photography. as if the one and only available light is a candlelight and they "desperately must" print huge billboards from every shot they take.
supposed to be that way?

100% agree. But sadly it was this way and it will be. To be honest, I also complain sometimes. It`s natural, people wants best for the money, even if it`s not logical anymore....

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