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Looks like a great camera but aren’t cameras all great nowadays? I don’t imagine soccer moms picking this up when the d3x000 or Rebel cameras are selling for such a low price already. The Enthusiast/hobbyists already have cameras to the rim. Competition is so fierce in this segment, making this a tough sell.

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Wish sigma makes more compact lenses like their FE 45mm f2.8.

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More moving parts means more breaking parts. And I can imagine pocket lints and cra9y getting stuck in between that camera and seeing myself having to ply it open to use.

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This has definitely been the decade of smartphone photography, there are more photos taken today than ever and it’s all due to the smartphone. Our industry too has benefited from the rise of smartphone photography. Sensors are getting smarter and we are getting much closer to having smartphone smarts in our dedicated cameras. Computational photography and AI are probably the two that will come to dedicated cameras first. Looking forward to a new decade of photography reign by a new king.

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DPR could you update your article with full frame compatibility. Tks

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