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canon,if U change the CMOS of 6D2,I still love U……

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JoJo Song: There is a brand in my country,named Godox,they have the same system in a low price already~X1Ts and TT685s~

The frequency of Godox updating firmware is high, just check their website every month~Now I see the price of sony, $350 and $200...... I'm sure that sony will have a better quality than Godox or any third party, but it's obviously too expensive~I think your choice is correct~

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JoJo Song: There is a brand in my country,named Godox,they have the same system in a low price already~X1Ts and TT685s~

In China,the price of TT685s is 545RMB,about 63 GBP,and it has a receiver inside~the commander X1Ts is 220RMB, about 25 GBP~I think it will be much cheaper than the official products~Of course, it's not perfect, but I think it's a good bargain, and Godox often update the firmware to improve the performance~be patient, maybe they will fix these problems in the future~

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There is a brand in my country,named Godox,they have the same system in a low price already~X1Ts and TT685s~

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Canon Rebel T6s is the only rival~T6s doesn't have a bright pentaprism~And this beautiful stuff doesn't have a touch screen which is really useful~

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Martinka: 2020 g, this lens is by far the heaviest of all the other 70-200/2.8 lenses

Nikon just filed a patent of a 70-200mm F2.8 PF lens with Phase Fresnel (PF) element which is just like the 300mm PF~If this lens will come true,I bet it will be very small~

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Zvonimir Tosic: All right, now we want those patents come true:
• OVF/EVF dual finder
• adjustable translucency of the mirror

I am not used to the EVF~That's the only reason why I don't use a mirrorless~

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Paul Rumohr: Wow the A5100 is amazing by comparison

Wow the Phase one IQ180 is amazing by comparison~

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Daniel L: Just a reminder to the toddlers here

With or without WIFI/4K/touchscreen. The price point is $1,799, you can't afford it anyway. Go play with your cellphone and call mommy for monthly allowance while you at it.

China will be one of ‘some countries’~We made it and we spend more~It's ridiculous~I guess it is not difficult to earn 1,799 in the USA~In my country,it will cost my several month‘s salary~It sucks~

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On article Hands-on with Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX100 (411 comments in total)

I will miss the ND filter in LX7~But it‘s still a great camera~

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Raist3d: Ugh Panasonic. You took out the horrible wheel on the back of the GM5 design (applause) but you put it on this one? Why?!

For the LX110,I guess~

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Vladik: Does this is mean that they going to move production to china? :)

I am a Chinese in China~and my English sucks~I hope you guys will know what I am talking about~It's ridiculous that we people earn less money but have to spend more for those made in china things,so do the camera、lens、iphone and any other digital stuff~Many guys in my lovely country have to buy those stuffs from Hongkong or Amazon in Japan,but if we do so,we can't get the official guarantee~Photograghy should be equal to anyone I think~It‘s not all the GOV’s fault~I just hope those company can treat us customers equally~especially the service~If there is a product recall~they are so late for us or even ignore~what we spend is not money?

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