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qaz111111: Well, where is the medium format camera? We are all buying into the high end results. There are zillions of people who want and pay for L glass so they are all ready for the Medium format step up. Rumors have flown for years but nothing has materialized. Let's have it already!

How many pixels are enough? There's your answer.

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Matei H: This is The Guradian's tell-all "How to take bad pictures in 10 minutes or less"
And DPReviw falls for it. Umbelievable!

Are you the picture editor of the Daily Star (well known UK tabloid rag)?
A spectacularly ill informed comment, if I may say so. The constraints you work under in these circumstances are incredible, and not conducive to any creative thinking, let alone technical excellence.
I challenge you to find the most famous person where you live that you have never met before, arrange a photo shoot, and produce a great shot off the cuff in less than ten minutes.
It's what separates men from boys. You have to understand that professionals like Jane Bown do this day in, day out, and deliver to tight deadlines.
Thank you for giving me the idea for a lecture topic.

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JohnHoppy: The acrimony that goes down in these columns beggars belief! Some respondents are in for the kill on Olympus like Cassius and Brutus on the Ides of March! Why? How has Olympus hurt YOU? If Olympus, one of the prime innovators, folds or is subsumed into another company and their technical expertise diluted, it would be a great pity. An industry needs competition to drive forward innovation, which then benefits us, the consumers. Yes, the crooks have been caught with fingers in the till, and one hopes will be punished, but they are a handful and many good people remain to design, engineer and manufacture products a lot of us want. What some idiots here fail to understand is that if all the competition disappears and you are left with, shall we say, just Canon and Nikon, development will stagnate and prices will remain higher. Is that what you want? Be positive, for heavens sake, and stop baying for Olympus’ blood, let’s hope Olympus recovers for the good of all photographers.

Ah... this thread is getting there and asking the right questions!

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Deleted pending purge: Well, anyone who thinks it is any different in other big companies the world over, had better think again. It's a dog-eat-dog industry, and everywhere the highest ranks are chock-full of "legal criminals" trying to gain more solid foothold in the never-ending mercantilistic alpinism that our sorry civilisation has become.
In the meantime all cater to the uncaring, spoiled and half-illiterate who are pampered in believing that cameras do photography, and if there is no special program mode for something, then that theme does not exist.
Education has always been an important tool to expand the power of trading, by the principle "keep it low to sell more".
And obviously, it works on all levels.

Spot on. Incidentally, not a single person here has got to the nub of the matter; WHERE and WHY did the money go. You're supposed to be photographers, people. Open your eyes.

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rodek: I wonder if this orb problem is relating to a certain batch of cams. (Same problem 9 years ago with S2).
Maybe users who encountered this problem can mention their serial nr so we can see if its narrowed down to a specific production period.

Btw, I am still not able to produce orbs, so I might be one of the lucky guys

(I also posted this request in the previous related item on this orb problem)

I can hardly believe what I'm reading here. A small chip digital camera is always going to have trouble dealing with specular highlights that are way brighter than the total range of the rest of the picture. It's physics, so get over it. To have completely vilified and interesting and innovative camera smacks of rather obsessive pixel peeking, and not enough time taking real photographs in the real world.

Fuji are a truly innovative company who have always ploughed their own furrow. I personally think it's great to see them making a real impression against the traditional duopoly.

As for the unhappy response to the reply from Fuji Sweden, I'm absolutely with Fuji. It's a perfectly reasonable response, and your attitude that it's your last Fuji camera confirms that maybe the problem was about 2 inches behind the viewfinder.

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