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  • Replied in Why would you?
    The f1.4 versions have excellent optical output and the obvious low light, bokeh advantages. Perhaps an option for someone looking for a smaller first 35 or 23 but, for an existing 23 or 35 F1.4 ...
  • Steve, I do not believe in free will. It is a concept crucial to many religions but, it just isn't real. If you would like to talk about that sometime, please PM me and I will explain what I have ...
  • That was quite clever on several "levels." Perhaps he can be summoned with a special kind of box mentioned on one of those "paranormal" web sites? Ya' gotta' love this stuff. I do feel kinda' bad ...
  • His VooDoo website has many elements of self aggrandizement promoting himself as having magical powers of communication with dead people. He goes so far as to have created a banner stating "Huff ...
  • Has the Super Natural himself appeared in the thread? If so, what is his DPReview ID? I was wondering if we have been able to read comments from him directly. The whole thing is quite entertaining! Dan
  • The smart people live like that. Everyone else flies by their emotional seats of their pants. When some nutcase offers up a fly by night voodoo answer to calm their emotional angst about loss of a ...
  • I think I will continue to "take my time" with my Fujifilm X-T1, loving the way it just works, loving the wonderful OOC jpegs and look over the fence at you from time to time and say hi. Dan
  • The shame is that he doesn't believe it. It is just a tool he uses to exploit emotionally vulnerable people. He gets attention and generates a profit through the wild assertions and stories. Dan
  • I read the story. The guy who claims to have a "talent" for separating mental illness from demonic possession provides no scientific studies or independent support for his assertions. Steve Huff ...
  • I have used the 10-24 for a couple of years and it is an excellent lens. Highly recommended.
  • David is correct in his commentary. Your compositions are lacking in several areas. You are certainly free to dismiss the comments and ignore sound counsel but, that would prevent you from ...
  • They look a little stiff. Try having them lean more into each other. Gives more of a feeling of a close relationship. As others have said...move in closet and then move in again. You don't really ...
  • The posing and compositions are OK but, you need to use some reflectors to get some light into those beautiful eyes! Reflectors are inexpensive and make a huge difference. Just a little light from ...
  • I took the 14 and the 10-24 to Hawaii a couple of years ago. I took sample pics at similar focal lengths and apertures. The 10-24 compared very well against the 14. For me, when I need a focal ...
  • Created photo thread Early evening foxglove
    This was taken with my X-T1 and the 55-200mm at ISO 1600. Foxglove and snapdragons
  • Replied in Seriously?
    Snow White...? Snow White is a fictional children's story about the innocence of a young girl and her struggle with a jealous older woman. Why would you take a children's story about a young girl ...
  • Photography is enjoyed by a wide range of social groups and stereotypes. Hipsters have no unique association with a love of photography.
  • Replied in What debate?
    Didn't that debate ship sail a long time ago? Why would anyone debate something that is completely subjective?
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