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Road Lice: I am not so disturbed that Eric has bestowed new powers of surveillance upon Big Brother as I am by the fact that "The force of marketing is greater than the force of engineering". When shopping for cameras I dread having to sift through hectares of semi-dysfunctional cameras that are really misleading marketing trinkets designed to appeal to the unwashed masses. I would prefer the best engineering available in a camera.

I don't trust camera manufacturers and I suspect they conspire against everyday consumers and photography enthusiasts alike. I would like to know what the actual difference in manufacturing costs are between an 18 megapixel APS-C sensor and an 18 megapixel Full Frame sensor. Am I being denied an inexpensive Full Frame camera by the the forces of marketing?

And what would one get with the knowledge of sensor manufacturing costs? The right to decide on a reasonable price for a camera? When making such a calculation, be sure to consider the cost of R&D, QC&T, licensing, return on investment, both in physical and intellectual assets, transport, packaging, storage etc...

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