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Sad Joe: Well, I'd love one. I either drag my Canon DSLR kit inside my LowePro or Billingham bags or take my sweet Canon s90 (wonderful sensor - thank you Sony) - the new M range might be a good half way point. So pleased they didn't do a Nikon 1 series and damage the brand overall. Anyone brought one yet - no, didn't think so. Predict the J1 will be going for £199 with lens this time next year....

Anyway back to the EOS M - sure its early days/ early models and the prices are too high....all normal.

Fancy that 22mm (35mm F2) lens which takes me back to my days shooting film (and some digital) with a Nikkor 35 f2 - pity that it tended to flare/ ghost but an ideal walk about lens and so much lighter than any of the super zooms we all tend to use today ( today I often carry a 15-85 & 24-105L plus longer lenses etc) so yep - roll on a Canon EOS M and save my back!

AGREE! Before I got my EPM1 to play with the 7D, I had considered the J1 and go to the shop to take a look...but... I have to say the J1 is bad... and I hate its flash very much! what's a cheap plastic toy at all... But I love the EPM1 very much although I hate the non-standard interface and I am not able to use a standard USB cable to connect it to the computer... anyway, Olympus did a great job in this section...
Come back to the Canon M...too expensive.....I think. People will spend much for the "pro" things and won't think that's expensive. But the 4 3 mirror-less cameras is not in that field. So I think $1000 for a compact camera is expensive.

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On article Canon EOS M hands-on preview (566 comments in total)
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Frank Minster: Does an artist use one paint brush? Does a mechanic use one tool? NO! Look at this camera for the purpose it's intended. I use my Canon 7D for Weddings and take my Canon 50D as a backup camera. These are only used for special events. I have the Sony HX-100V for everyday shooting where a telephoto lens would be needed. I also have the Canon S95 as a pocketable camera where there might be low light situations and don't need the long telephoto range. Each camera has it's strenghts and weaknesses. My knowing what they are will determine which camera will be used. I acheive great results will all the cameras listed. Every camera has it's good points and bad points and DPR tries to point them out with their reviews. I for one appreciate the work they do, however I am the one who ultimately decides which camera to purchase based on the knowledge gathered here and other sites and the intended use of the purchase.

haha! I like the Fuji guy!
maybe next time you would see somebody using a iphone...maybe a bigger one...i-pad...

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